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Grim Tales: The Stone Queen Collector's Edition game

Grim Tales: The Stone Queen Collector's Edition

Genre: Hidden Object

The new part of one of the most popular Hidden Object games in the series Grim Tales promises to be not less interesting and exciting than all its previous parts! In Grim Tales: The Stone Queen You have to save a small town Stoneville from the dark enchantments of the Evil Queen! Find out what caused the trouble and try to fix it as soon as you can. Colorful and beautiful locations, incredible and unexpected turns of events, unforgettable characters and captivating puzzles wait for you in the Grim Tales: The Stone Queen! Wait for the release of this promising game and uncover all the secrets!





Epic battles of good and evil always seem so interesting to everybody – to all the small kids and old adults! Everybody likes to fight for the good cause, and this what games these days are all about! But what happens when evil is too strong for us to fight it? Do we call our friends or family to help us? Is that enough? If you want to know all of the answers to these questions, and you have an insatiable hunger for adventure, then you will be pleased to hear that the developing team called Elephant Games have created a new game in the series called Grim Tales: The Stone Queen! If you are ready to join us on this amazing journey, download this game for free, or purchase the full unlimited version and read the rest of this review!.. Read more

Just like in all Hidden Object games, the storyline is also important in the fourth installment of the series. The plot in Grim Tales: The Stone Queen is maybe not that original, but it carries a certain mysterious atmosphere and that is very good. All in all, you take the role of a traveler whose car stop in a middle of nowhere and you end up at the solitary city called Stoneville. It is a very old and well-known city, as the inhabitants do a lot of mining and gathering precious stones like diamonds and rubies and amethysts. The problem is that they have been helped by the Stone Queen, but now she turned on them and started turning innocent citizens into stone statues. It is up to you to help them and to uncover the mystery lying behind these strange occurrences.

Of course, it would be unfair if we don’t mention the gameplay in Grim Tales: The Stone Queen, as it is the feature of this game which holds paramount importance! This game is basically a Hidden Object games with various elements of Puzzle and Adventure games, as you will see. There are three levels of difficulty, and a lot of options to customize the experience in the game. As for the game itself, you will be doing a lot of thinking, that is for sure! You will have to solve different puzzles in order to progress in the game and to solve the mystery. For instance, some object you find will be useful to open certain locked doors or locations. These objects can be found in hidden object scenes, which are a bit too crowded and sometimes objects are difficult to spot. However, there are a lot of them, so you will be able to train your eye. Apart from this, there are also some mini-games every once and while. They are very creative and imaginative, and you will certainly enjoy them, especially those with runes or those which require you to put a machine together from its parts. The only problem with the gameplay is that sometimes the instructions are a bit unclear.

Finally, we have to review graphics and music in Grim Tales: The Stone Queen. One word is very apt for them: AMAZING! Artwork is completely stunning and presentation is standard and good! Characters are nicely drawn and the imagery of the town is spooky. Mixed with exciting music theme this creates an amazing adrenaline-rushing ambient!

To sum up, Grim Tales: The Stone Queen is a great Hidden Object games with elements of Puzzle and Adventure games, which amazes with its clear presentation, also with a great story told through and amazing storyline which is realized through stunning graphics, thrilling music and inventive and original gameplay! This is a great game, don’t miss it!