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Burger Bustle

Play new captivating time management game Burger Bustle and return a struggling restaurant to its former glory! Your task is to manage the restaurant and provide the excellent service for your clients! Amaze your customers by your cooking masterpieces and by your service! Earn the cash and upgrade your restaurant to make your work more efficiently and to attract more customers! Take a chance to download for free new exciting game Burger Bustle and enjoy fun addictive game play and unique graphics!

Title - Burger Bustle Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Glance at Burger Bustle, a Time Management game presented by Sulus Games. Return a struggling restaurant to its former glory!
Burger Bustle game
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A time management game serving burgers is not a new idea but the way Burger Bustle by Sulus Games is designed it is a really new experience, at least for die-hard fans. This game has you managing and hiring staff to cook burgers, serve customers and other extras... Read more

You start your Burger Bustle experience with a certain number of employees and can add more as you earn money, so each level is challenging. Actually, the developers tried to avoid usual bugs in time management games. What is the pet peeve of this genre? Surely, lots of useless clicks are always annoying. Luckily, do not have to monotonously assemble food by putting a burger on the grill, turning it over in time and etc. Instead, you are able to charge your staff members with these labors. Your main goal is competently to organize your business and to start at the bottom against other burger restaurants.

Being competitive, Burger Bustle provokes you to be always the best. Moreover, every new level brings new tasks, so you needn’t do the same things every day. Unlike similar games, this title greatly focuses on the strategy part there. If you buy some upgrade timely, it will help you immensely to complete the level with the gold medal. Another positive thing is that this title contains tons of different bonuses, like ketchup and coffee, which let you increase your income. The best thing about this is that once you have got the bonus, you can go back to an older level and that bonus will be still there! So, there is a chance to complete the game with gold medal only.

The artwork is not perfect but these giant burgers and other delicacies look so mouthwatering. No doubt, after several levels you will run to the kitchen to make some big appetizing burger.  Yummy!

15, June 2010


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