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Youda Sushi Chef game

Youda Sushi Chef

Imagine that one day you have decided to become a Sushi Chef. You have invested all your money into a new sushi restaurant and now you have only one week to make it work. Youda Sushi Chef is a time management game where your goal is to serve customers as quickly as you can. This game is a little bit different from other games of the genre, so if you want to experience something more challenging, Youda Sushi Chef is exactly what you need!



Youda Sushi Chef is a dynamic time management game from Youda Games company. You are playing as a chef, who has invested all his money into a restaurant. Now he has to, well, actually you have to do your best to make this restaurant work and bring its owner some revenue. .. Read more

Every day, various people come to your place to satisfy their inner man. In the bubbles above their heads you can see what exactly they want to eat. Your goal is to make orders as fast as possible. To say the truth, it is rather difficult at first to deal with all the ingredients available, but as you play a little bit longer, you start memorizing all the sushi-making combinations.

Between the levels you can spend some cash you have earned to buy more ingredients to your menu. To do this, you just have to click the phone and choose the item you want. That’s the only variety you can find in this game. There are no mini games or bonus puzzles. The game is all about making sushi and that’s why it seems to be a little repetitive and boring.

In general, we would like to say that Youda Sushi Chef is an average time management game. The fans of this genre will appreciate the game’s simple and addictive gameplay. Graphics and sound effects are also pretty decent. We hope you’ll enjoy it!