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Youda Survivor game

Youda Survivor

Genre: Time Management

What would you do if you ended up on a desert island? Download Youda Survivor free now to try out this island life. It is useless to panic or cry for help because you are too far from the continent. Give up weeping! It is time to survive! Take these tools and begin to work hard if you really want to get out of this island. Your life in your hands and it is only yourself could help get back to the big land in this captivating and lots of clicking time management Youda Survivor!



Youda Survivor is a new time management title that came out of the capable hands of well-known Youda Games. In spite of this fact that this game is sort of similar to illustrious Farm Frenzy, still in Youda Survivor you can point out the original developer’s style. Who cares all these similarities, if it offer a really good game experience... Read more

The close resemblance with Farm Frenzy should not disappoint you as there are a lot of unique things to do. Each level begins with an absolute new goal, however, some are similar to famous farm game series in that you have to use different machines to produce new products. To stimulate game atmosphere the developers use enemies. They are not terrible at all (crabs, pirates), but their purpose to distract you from the prime object of the level. Defeating them often reward you with useful things, which will help you later.

By the way, Youda Survivor is packed with a fine production value. Brilliant artwork and fine voice acting you can point out in this fresh time management game. It is important to mark out great interaction in this game because there is so much to do it does not monotonous at all. The gameplay appears to be not only continuous but extremely entertaining. The cool part of this title is you can always replay any level to improve your position so the game has a good replay value. The game constantly keeps you quite busy and some levels are crazy challenging but there are also some relaxing levels. Get ready to be addicted to this new exciting game as it is easily able to sweep you off.