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Youda Camper game

Youda Camper

Youda Camper is a time management challenge where you have to run a camp side of your dreams. Your goal is to meet the demands of campers who arrive to your camp side. You will have to please greater number of customers, keep your camp side free of litter, build certain structures like football fields and fireplaces, so that your visitors were well-spaced out and perform many other challenging time management tasks. We hope you'll enjoy it!



Youda Camper is a simulation game with some elements of time management genre. Here you will have a chance to create and then run a campsite of your dreams. Though, it’s hard to believe that someone has such kind of dreams. .. Read more

The game was produced by Youda Games Company and has a very simple idea. All you have to do is to quickly find open accommodations for campers who arrive in a steady stream, get them to agree to your fees, which can be changed on the fly, and then respond to any complaints of your customers. Your goal is to attract as many customers as you can by providing good services, building different facilities, like, football fields and fireplaces, so that people can enjoy their leisure time.

The game features very unusual mechanics and at first it can be extremely annoying. But later you get accustomed to it. Also the pace of the game is getting way too fast as you play further. Inexperienced players can be easily lost in the gameplay.

Production values of this game are not very high. You might like Youda Camper if you enjoyed playing Build-a-lot series of time management games. The game features a great variety of buildings to construct.

Anyway, you never find out whether you like a game or not until you try it!