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Criminal Minds game

Criminal Minds

Genre: Hidden Object

The Criminal Minds game by Legacy Interactive has been created after the popular and addictive CBS TV-show Criminal Minds. Stay tuned! In this long-awaited game you'll meet the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI - the member of a prestigious team of criminal profilers who are very successful in solving series of shocking and terrifying crimes. You will get to be one of the various members of the Criminal Minds team, solve a lot of puzzles and build criminal profiles to narrow the list of suspects. You'll have to examine the scenes of crime, to look for the clues and also to interrogate the suspected and witnesses for getting the proofs with the single purpose of catching the criminals. Each member of the team has his own expert abilities that will help the predators' motives and plan their next step.




Criminal Minds is another Hidden Object game that Legacy Games is solely relying on fans of the popular detective TV show of the same name. The developers don’t even need to put much time, money and effort into the gameplay as the developers of the TV show have already done the main work... Read more

Based on a show mainly, the game offers you an absolute the same story about the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI, a part of an elite team of criminal profiling. You’ll join them to solve a series of sinister crimes and unmask the evil-doers. Be ready to examine tons of crime scenes for clues, interview witnesses and suspects, and analyze evidence to clear up the case. Using a well-familiar plot, Legacy Games don’t need to make any twists on the play but just use a ready-made material in a proper way.

Fortunately, they managed to do this but still with some troubles. Criminal Minds is surely a new Hidden Object title but in fact looks like a five-years-old game. The artwork isn’t as shiny and polished as we get used to see in the majority of modern casual games. The scenes are often blurry and some of them are even badly pixelated. However, the die-hard fans will highly appreciate the authentic image of the main characters. Most of them look exactly like in a original show!

The hidden object scenes are too crowded though, they are interesting and even unique. Of course, you cannot but admit that Criminal Minds is a good interective game, where you are obliged not only with ordinary puzzles but can talk to people to get new tasks or some clues. The hint system also works very well, frequently as a real strategy guide. If you get into a task, you will be immediately provided with a list of detailed instructions that saves you from any bewildering situations.

So if you are mad on this TV show, don’t miss Criminal Minds, a new Hidden Object title with lots of crimes and evil-doers. Good luck, my dear detectives!