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Dark Ritual

Genre: Hidden Object

Just as you cast a glance at the title of our new game, you can understand a lot about it. Dark Ritual is another Hidden Object game, where you will face a great number of bloodcurdling events and a host of challenges which demand to have nerves of steel. You are going to play the role of an experienced detective, who is to stop the Dark Ritual. You will explore Dr. Seymour Brown’s ghostly private residence. He is a brainsick scientist who carries out some strange experiments. You are to help FBI Agent Johnson put an end to this madness which is going on in Blackwood Mansion. Download Dark Ritual absolutely for free and get involved into the frightening but intriguing mystery!

Title - Dark Ritual Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Pay attention to Dark Ritual, a Hidden Object game given by Big Fish Games. Stop the Dark Ritual in Blackwood Mansion!
Dark Ritual game

If you need help in solving a certain puzzle or finding a quest item, you can download for free our strategy guide for Dark Ritual. Get a detailed walkthrough on how to complete all levels without missing a single secret option of the game absolutelly for free!

You can also have a close look at Dark Ritual walkthrough on the blog.




The majority of us have got used to have the experience of feeling sure that we have already experienced a current storyline. In other words, it is not the first time we have deja vu. The plot of the new hidden object game Dark Ritual from Big Fish Games is also well-familiar: you are a detective helping FBI agent to stop crazy Dr. Seymour Brown and find your missing sister... Read more

The action takes place in a gloomy residence belonging to aforesaid mad scientist. Skulls, ghosts, glowing eyes and other devilries are waiting for you there with open arms. Dark Ritual immediately throws you in a terrifying environment with equally horrifying ambiance. We should admit that the developer did a really nice job with the artist renderings and creative point of view. There are very interesting scenery, solid well-painted backgrounds that attract your eye, appropriate music that doesn’t grind on the nerves, and not bad gameplay.

The hidden object scenes are pretty cluttered but clear enough if you just start scanning the scene. Not every item is going to be useful, you have just to collect them. Hidden objects are not too hard to find and you fairly quick get through all searching scenes. Some of the items in some scenes require you to perform an action to find the hidden object – it’s a nice touch and makes the ordinary game more varied and captivating. The mini-games are a little hard to an immature player but can inspire interest. Get ready for a definite hair-raising moment after you solve one of the puzzles there.

Overall, Dark Ritual is a good game on a rainy day with a good cup of cappuccino or hot chocolate. Effective music and creepy graphics keep the mood going. So, you can easily play this game.

28, April 2011



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