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Deadtime Stories game

Deadtime Stories

Genre: Hidden Object

Do you like stories after listening of which you feel tingles over your spine? Then “Deadtime Stories” will definitely impress you! One of the cities in New Orleans has been hold in fear since 19th century! What could happen that time that the citizens of New Orleans can’t forget even so many years passed?! The point is that in 19 century lived a Madame Lalaurie, a women that had a reputation a real monster, because of her slave’s humiliation! Once she and her husband just vanished from New Orleans after a fire in their estate but the house, full of mysteries, to put it more precisely shocking cruelties, became an object of interest! Traces of terrible tortures, murder animals and human experiments were fond in there. Since that time dreadful and cruel events constantly took place in this city…At the beginning of gameplay you will find yourself on the cemetery, each object of which has it’s own terrible story… Traveling around the city and finding hidden objects you can become closer to reveal the mysterious stories!



Is Deadtime Stories, a new hidden object game from I-Play, as spooky as its title? Not really. While it is executed in gloomy atmosphere from its apt music background to its busy scenes, you needn’t hole up at all; nothing is going to frighten you there... Read more

In spite of its vivid, devilish presentation and grim storyline, Deadtime Stories is just the usual point-and-click game with heaps of different puzzles, challenging mini-games and lots of hidden object scenes. However, the game can be proud of the good choice of hidden items, which perfectly support creepy environment, and well-organized gameplay. Some of the objects you need to search are too vague – no wonder, you are roaming about voodoo’s territory – but the items are vary from search to search, so they never feel repetitious, even when you have to visit one and the same location for two or three times. Unfortunately, the names of some items are not straightforward, so it may bewilder you a little bit but using quickly refilling hints solves those problems easily.     

Hidden object backgrounds are pretty good, but they fade in comparison with Deadtime Stories’s puzzles that are highly original and imaginative. You will hardly ever want to skip them as all these tasks contain a fine portion of challenge. Do not think that this premise is absolutely dauntless. We are sorry if we have misled and defined the game’s nature as a fearless one. Ghosts, poison, skulls, curses, voodoo spirits are all there to add an authenticity to the story. Surely, there are few complaints on its voice acting as it sounds strange most of the time, however, is quite bearable. All in all, this title is worth playing and can easily hook you from beginning to end. Boo!

Minimal system requirements

OS: Windows XP/Vista

CPU: 1.0 GHz

RAM: 512 MB

DirectX: 9.0

Hard Drive: 117 MB