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Drawn: Dark Flight Collector's Editon game

Drawn: Dark Flight Collector's Editon

An incredible adventure is waiting for you in new fantastic game Drawn: Dark Flight Collector's Edition! You will plunge in mystic world, where the king of shadows is ruling! There is no light and the good must hide to survive! Help Iris to bring light back! The future queen can not regain the throne and you should do your best to reestablish the order in kingdom! Ghosts, magic, spells, flights and much more are awaiting you in this game! Download now this game and explore the Kingdom and try to understand the secret of shadows in Drawn: Dark Flight! The Collector's Edition offers you great bonuses. You can check out the walkthrough, see screenshots and many other extras, that you can not find in the simplified version!




Those, who have already played a game from Drawn game series will surely agree that it’s totally difficult to find a game, which could be so splendid as The Painted Tower is. But as the story from the game remained unfinished, everybody waited passionately for the sequel and hoped that it won’t disappoint them. Fortunately, the developers of the game series Big Fish Games could meet the players’ expectations with high reward and made a new masterpiece under the title Drawn: Dark Flight! .. Read more

The second part of the game begins from that very moment where the first just ended ― Iris, who got imprisoned, tries to get free, find and light three magic beacons in order to rescue the kingdom from evil ruler. As it’s a Hidden Object game, Drawn: Dark Flight offers you classic puzzles, hidden object scenes and a pile of totally new and intriguing tasks.

The hint system was considerably renewed, so that it’s possible now to use not only the ordinary hint button but also either the help of Franklin, a friend of Iris, or a built-in strategy guide. Toolbar doesn’t hide any part of the screen, so that nothing prevents you from observing the nicest scenes. However, it can be on again due to clicking on the bottom of the screen. 

The game puzzles are really something special. Some of them are easy to solve, the other are on the contrary very tricky, so that the player will surely have to rack his brains. All the mini games can be easily skipped, but we can assure you that you won’t do it. 

This time around the player has not only to explore the tower corridors but to go outside as well: visit the streets of the old city, catacombs and deserted libraries. All locations strike the imagination with their beauty, brilliance, detailed graphic and qualitative animation. In addition charming music, excellent sound, intriguing plot and clever puzzles and you get Drawn: Dark Flight ― an unbelievably beautiful game, which can be described only with one very adjective ― “fantastic”.  This is the first time for a very long time period when Big Fish Games released a really worthy game. The Painted Tower earns any praise but Dark Flight gets five stars.