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Empire Builder - Ancient Egypt

Would you like to try yourself as a talented architect and to create the most powerful empire of ancient times? Then you will undoubtedly enjoy playing Empire Builder: Ancient Egypt. Start your incredible career as an apprentice builder by constructing monuments that made Egypt one of the greatest ancient civilizations. As you perfect your skills, you'll gain the right to construct The Great Pyramids. Don't disappoint the Pharaoh in this challenging strategy game and have a good time!

Title - Empire Builder - Ancient Egypt Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Have a good time with Empire Builder - Ancient Egypt, a Time Management game published by Iguana Entertainment. Construct The Great Pyramids playing Empire Builder: Ancient Egypt!
Empire Builder - Ancient Egypt game
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Empire Builder: Ancient Egypt is a time management game with some elements of building simulation, which was produced by Iguana Entertainment gaming company. In real life it took hundreds of years and millions of workers to create all those monuments, like the Great Pyramid of Giza or Sphinx. This game offers you a unique opportunity to experience all the miracles of ancient world much quicker... Read more

As a chief architect you have to help ten different pharaohs realize their construction plan. During each level your goal is to raise enough money to build a pyramid or some kind of temple. To earn money you can construct various types of buildings, such as houses, infrastructure, civil buildings, and others. The houses are your major source of income in this game. So, after you have the money you can start building your final task. To become a successful architect you should always make sure that you have enough workers and materials, otherwise you’ll fail.

It’s difficult to say something negative about graphics and music of Empire Builder - Ancient Egypt game, cause they are flawless. The gameplay is a little bit easy though. Despite the time limit, you’ll probably have no problems with meeting the dead-line. We wish it was more challenging than it is. However, if you like build-a-lot time management game you’ll find the game entertaining enough. Enjoy playing!

21, September 2009


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