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Fate of The Pharaoh game

Fate of The Pharaoh

Welcome to Egypt! Just as you start playing Fate of The Pharaoh by Cateia Games, you will find yourself in the charming atmosphere of ancient realm. But unfortunately the Egyptian kingdom is in devastation and economic dislocation after regular attacks of the warlike enemies. They have tried to capture ancient Egyptian treasures for centuries. Now you are the Pharaoh's adviser, who is to help your ruler restore the former prosperity of the kingdom. You are awaited by one more absolutely unexpected phenomenon such as aliens' visit! They will teach you how to raise magnificent pyramids. So many surprises, so many challenges and so much to do!

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Cateria Games company presents the new Building game titled Fate of The Pharaoh. To begin with, it’s worth pointing out splendid colorful graphics, large number of characters and various buildings... Read more

Fate of the Pharaoh is a take on city-building that’s designed around tactics rather than strategy, asking you to develop a variety of settlements along the river Nile that meet specific goals. While developing the settlements isn’t difficult by itself, doing it before the level’s “Time of Ra” runs out grows very challenging as the game progresses. First of all you are to construct a Well and a Quarry. Once you build housing for your people, you’ll need to keep it supplied with water from the Well, or the houses will stop producing taxes. Thus, by collecting taxes you amass gold, which you may spend at your Quarry to purchase new building materials which you need to construct many types of buildings. Further to the above, buildings can be upgraded. Upgrading your Quarry lets you buy materials for lower costs, but it requires quite a bit of gold up front to do so.

Fate of the Pharaoh runs a little and clear story, but still you can click through the text, so readers don’t have to choose between listening to the voice over, or skipping the intro altogether. Besides, you can also skip the tutorial but it would make some trouble while you go further. Speaking about the gameplay, one could say that there is nothing new with this game in comparison with the other Building games, except a few twists in it. There are two modes of play. The casual mode is for those that enjoy this type game, but not the rush. The timed mode is not bad enough, but the necessity to click all the time is exhausting.

It is necessary to mention that this company tries to please the maximum number of people. There are lots of options: visual quality, shadows, effects, full screen, various audio and music options. The graphics are quite well done, but an attempt to give it a more 3D appearance has failed. The musical background is another drawback. Frankly speaking, a quality of the voice over in the intro leaves much to be desired.

Still, the worst that can be said about Fate of the Pharaoh is that it gets a little repetitive if played in long sessions. Overall, the game seems to be designed for coffee break play, since each level can be finished quickly. Fans of city-building games of any sort should probably take a look at Fate of the Pharaoh, which serves up very solid gameplay and an amusingly whimsical story.