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Epic Escapes: Dark Seas

Genre: Hidden Object

The best way to cope with your fears is to create yourself a situation which frightens you and to struggle with yourself! Play Epic Escapes: Dark Seas, our new Hidden Object game, and cope with your fear of sea and shipwreck! This nightmare doesn't seem to ever leave you! Therefore you make a decision to go for a voyage by a cruise liner. But your nightmare is brought to life! And you really suffer a shipwreck! Download Epic Escapes: Dark Seas absolutely for free and learn what happens next!

Title - Epic Escapes: Dark Seas Game Download for PC Description - Savor Epic Escapes: Dark Seas, a Hidden Object game elaborated by Big Fish Games. Your nightmare comes true! Can you cope with your fear, this time in reality?
Epic Escapes: Dark Seas game
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Ghosts, evil spirits, haunted castles or houses, flooding rooms of a ship, missing members of a family are the main points of any hidden object game. We regularly deal with this sort of plots where the planet is at least on the verge of collapse but you are the one who can save it. The latest Big Fish Games’ product named Epic Escapes: Dark Seas is just another hidden object title on this list... Read more

Your job in this straight-forward hidden object game is to escape from the flooding rooms and rescue few people.  Sounds familiar? And even more, we believe. However, the story is well-rendered by the means of nice graphics and music background. Good quality of these production values perfectly convey spooky mood. There are no really pitfalls here but at the same time the game has nothing exciting to keep our interest.   

With its predictable and tedious mini-games, Epic Escapes: Dark Seas is pretty easy. Some scenes are rather dark and some objects are poorly blended into background and makes it hard to figure out but the overall challenge of the hidden object scenes are very low. The title suggests game as an “Epic” adventure, but in fact the game is rather short as it goes fast and you are pushed along at a decent pace. You always know what you to do and where to go because the installment tell you so. 

All in all, the artwork is wonderful but the gameplay itself isn’t spectacular. Probably it will satisfy a newcomer to the genre who just begin his hidden object game career. If something still made you pursue Epic Escapes: Dark Seas, do not regret as this is not too bad and it has no any irritating bugs. This is just a casual adventure game. Good luck!

13, April 2011


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