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Escape The Emerald Star

Genre: Hidden Object

You were impatient to start your sea traveling by The Emerald Star liner, but now you are eager to escape it! Play Escape The Emerald Star and get involved into a mysterious story full of dangers and thrills! Once you open your eyes and realize that you had been unconscious, but there is no one here at the moment and the ship is slowly sinking to the very ocean floor. Download Escape The Emerald Star for free and learn, whether you are able to save yourself before The Emerald Star goes down forever.

Title - Escape The Emerald Star Game Download for PC Description - Learn about Escape The Emerald Star, a Hidden Object game launched by SpinTop Games. Get off from the sinking vessel solving numerous puzzles!
Escape The Emerald Star game
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Escape The Emerald Star game

Escape The Emerald Star

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SpinTop Games company is one of the most acclaimed “gold standard” developers. Each of their Hidden Object projects becomes red-hot, and Escape The Emerald Star is not an exception. One could say that there is nothing new-coined with this game in comparison with the other SpinTop ones, but this is namely what makes them really classic... Read more

You are to escape from the cruise liner with a splendid name The Emerald Star. You’ve been on a voyage, but having waken up one morning you find yourself alone aboard and realize that The Emerald Star is lost on the open ocean. Such a storyline might seem quite trite for a HOG, but fantastic atmosphere created by the designers and an awesome gameplay of Escape The Emerald Star prove that customary does not mean classic, and conversely. While looking for a way out, you explore 25 unique locations of the ship. The luggage compartment, the wheel house and the officer’s quarters are among them. In the course of the gameplay you have to find about 2000 objects. Besides, Escape The Emerald Star includes seven mini-games of different genres including Mahjong, Match-3 and others. Just having started, you’ll see that the game is too irreproachable to be called trivial.

Surprisingly, there is nothing at all to criticize Escape The Emerald Star game. Its graphics are pretty gorgeous, too. No dim or vague backgrounds let you find an item easily in spite of the “heap” style of the scenes depiction, and the objects themselves look like they should. Some of them are bigger in size though, it also facilitates search. As to the music and audio, they work perfect coupled with the well localized dialogues.

Escape The Emerald Star is among those games, which you can’t but like. Polished gameplay and fantastic artwork are only bare words to describe it. It is worth playing to learn what a brilliant, high-quality Hidden Object game is.

28, June 2011


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