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Family Vacation: California game

Family Vacation: California

Genre: Hidden Object

We have got into the way that the storylines of Hidden Object games are based on murders, kidnapping or some other criminal and mysterious events. All these plots have already a bit bored, right? Therefore Meridian4 and Ocean Media companies have developed an absolutely different game of the same category.Family Vacation California is a fresh, kind and colorful game, where you are to set off to California together with Barb and her family. Barb is going to take part in the game show ThePriceIsNice!, and your challenge is to help the family on their way to California and to Barb's victory! Preparations for journey always take you a lot of time – to pack suitcases, to arrive at the airport on the nose, then to settle down in a hotel and whatever! Therefore you'll not be bored playing Family Vacation California and really enjoying the gameplay. Download this game absolutely for free right now!

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If you are looking for a bright and lighthearted Hidden Object game suitable for the whole family, Family Vacation: California created by Meridian4 perfectly meets all these requirements. If you’re sick and tired of crime-and-murder stories or regret sunny summer days this single autumn morning or maybe evening, this title can give you a breath of fresh air. .. Read more

In marked contrast to the spooky and creepy Hidden Object games, Family Vacation: California looks rather unusual with all its cheerful scenes and cartoon-like graphics.  This hasteless and sometimes even sluggish gameplay is very simple, featuring one hidden object puzzle after the other. Although some of the objects to find are quite small, it is not a problem to figure out all of them. The mini-games won’t be challenging for adults, but will provide good thinking experience for infants.

Technically, Family Vacation California functions well enough. The developers tried hard to make their game free from any irritating bugs or stumbling blocks. The hint-system is well-organized and serves without any problems. 

Unfortunately, Family Vacation: California have no voice acting. Nevertheless, this fact doesn’t prevent player from following the storyline. However, to our mind voice acting would have made the game more attractive for children.

Family Vacation: California is definitely a family title, creating the perfect slow and lazy atmosphere of summer holidays. If you’re a family man, this is a nice game to play with your children together. But if you choose this game for your own experience, you won’t find there nothing challenging.