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Farm Frenzy 3 game

Farm Frenzy 3

Farm Frenzy 3 is the fourth game in the popular time management series, devoted to managing farms. Alawar Entertainment tried to correct all the flaws and drawbacks of previous games and now you can enjoy the result! Childish 2D graphics has been changed to hilarious 3D. All complicated recipes have been removed from the game to make it easier to understand and even more addictive to play. Each type of animal now has unique features that you will undoubtedly adore!



Alawar Entertainment Company presents you the fourth game from the popular Farm Frenzy series. The first game was a complete success. The graphics was simple and funny, the animals were adorable, and the gameplay was awesome. Next games were way to complicated for an average time management player, cause it was impossible to memorize all the operations available. .. Read more

In the fourth part the game goes back to its origins, but with some major improvements. First of all, the game has dropped the 2-D cartoon style for 3-D character drawings with shadows and highlights. Now most products have only two ingredients, so it’s very easy to learn them. The fourth game finally has a kind of story behind the gameplay. It’s not based on a bestseller novel, but it gives you enough information to understand what is the purpose of you taking care of all those animals.

A very important thing for a time management game is an ability to choose your own strategy, and Farm Frenzy 3 really provides player with this opportunity. This feature also add to the game’s replayability, cause when you are playing second time, you are already experienced enough to make more sophisticated plan of actions.

Probably the fans of the previous two games would be a little bit disappointed by the simplicity of the gameplay, but the rest time management lovers would undoubtedly find Farm Frenzy 3 very entertaining!