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Fantastic Farm

Help the young magician to lead her family farm! You can use the magic in breeding of the animals, in cultivating of the crops and the plants and in the producing of the miraculous goods to create your own big flourishing Fantastic Farm! Earn trophies and don't let to ominous farmer to destroy your business. Enjoy the farm life in producing the ice creams, sweaters, strawberry pies and other things in addictive Time Manegement game "Fantastic Farm"!

Title - Fantastic Farm Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Get more about Fantastic Farm, a Time Management game released by Kristanix Studios. Help the young magician to lead her family farm! Use the magic in breeding of the animals, in cultivating of the crops and the plants!
Fantastic Farm game




Fantastic Farm is a new time management game created by BigFishGames. The story familiarizes us with Maggie who tries to save her family’s small farm using all her mystical knowledge to good use. .. Read more

To tell you the truth, this very game is a cross between Farm Mania and Ranch Rush. Like these 2 fast-paced games, Fantastic Farm has many aspects to this play from growing plants, shearing sheep and juicing fruits. As the level increases more activities are added to challenge your dexterity. It is so kind of the developers to let gamers play both Relax mode and Time mode. Now you are able to design your farm the way you want and do the activities without the stress of a timer. 

So then you begin with three patches of nice blue flowers growing on your farm. In order to expand your growing surface you click on the shovel and magically it will dig up a patch of ground for you, click on the seed button at the bottom right of the screen to open up the seed selection, and then choose the type of plant you wish to sow. You should be careful as sometimes you will lose a plant and must reseed. You will need to click on the well for water and then click on the plant. You start your farm by clicking on the empty crates 3 times to send 3 crates to the bottom of the screen, and then click on the plants that are ready to be harvested. The client’s needs are shown at the top of the screen so you will know what to grow or make for the customer. By completing their requests, you finish the level. However, there is some problem with management when you click on objects, the check mark does not appear.

As usual you will get trophies for a good job and speed. This game is easy going, but challenging at the higher levels. Even if you do not make the goals on a level, the game just tells you it’s no big deal, try again. It is one of the simplest and common game but for its cool graphics. Still Fantastic Farm is a nice experience for those who don’t know what to do with their free time. 



Worlds Align: Beginning

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