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Gardens Inc: From Rakes to Riches game

Gardens Inc: From Rakes to Riches

The Alawar Entertainment in association with the Big Fish Games proudly presents a new Time Management game named Gardens Inc: From Rakes to Riches! If you're considered the plot of the new Alawar's masterpiece to be boring and monotonous, you're mistaken! The game introduces Jill, who come to visit her grandparents. She finds them very sad. It turns out that the beautiful garden as well as all the buildings nearby must be destroyed soon. It won't happen! Raise and plant the beautiful gardens! Don't forget to look after your plants! These are the keys for your prosperity! Remember, helping Jill means save not only the grandparents' property, but also the estates of a whole town! Prevent the greedy developer from ruining the unique plants in the Gardens Inc: From Rakes to Riches! Download it and start playing right now!




What do we know about the Time Management games? Usually, you are given the several tasks to build or improve something. In case of Farm Games, you should turn your poor farmstead into a profitable business. Time is limited, generally. Of course, some extra missions take place, but even these tasks will not change the whole picture. It is boring! Have you ever refused to play some Time Management game out of boredom? If so ...  This day is yours! Alawar Entertainment proudly presents Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches! This brand-new game promises to break the clich√©. No more monotonous building or harvesting! Get ready to change your point of view concerning the Time Management genre!.. Read more

In first few minutes of the game, we become acquainted with Jill, a young college graduate. Once upon a time, she decided to visit her grandparents. They own a villa in Sunnydale. After arriving, Jill finds the grandparents in distress. It turned out, they somehow owe a wheeler-dealer $1,000,000! Obviously, it is impossible to repay such a pretty penny. According to violation of repayment, the businessman will seize the grandparents’ property, including villa and nearby gardens. It is not a laughing matter at all! However, Jill had figured out a plan. She handed in an application for taking part in Sunnydale gardening competition. Can you guess, what is the prize? The required amount of money, of course! The winner will take all. This money will pay off the debt and prevent the tycoon from taking the private property. Your task is to cope with various tasks around the town along with restoring the gardens. These gardens were the gorgeous places in the old days. Now, they are neglected. In order to begin your work, you must collect enough resources. The task descriptions will inform you about the necessary materials. Make a tool gathering to be your primary objective! Tools are extremely important for you. Right from the start, you will complete the missions along with your fellow student. Later, you will need to hire the stuff. This step will help you manage with the increased activities. Your workers must be patronized. We notice that repair crew is afraid of ghosts. It affects on their efficiency. So, it is up to you to resort to the help of a ghost hunter in order to set their mind to rest. Together with ghost hunter, you will summon up some other professionals. For example, you need to hire a hunter to deliver your playground from the raven invasions. Also, the security guard is irreplaceable in case of robbers aggression. There are two common limits: time and cash. You are able to get the time freezers and prolong the deadline. Some extra money will be given to you during the restoring of grandparents’ villa. It is a good sideline, is it not?

It is time to take a view of the graphics and sound effects. The visual aspect of the game is up to the mark. The bright and colorful maps are looking amazing! This game is not pale for sure! Also, you can distinguish even the smallest details on the screen. It is an advantage, undoubtedly! Unfortunately, the background music is repetitious. However, this fact is not able to ruin a vivid impression. Generally, the sound effects are fine and appropriate.

At last, we have arrived at a conclusion. In general, establishing the priorities is a key to your success. So, Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches will give you a free and easy lesson about this technique. Do not miss a chance to improve your managerial skills!