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Farm to Fork game

Farm to Fork

The Valley of farmers is on the verge of downfall since the Global Mart has overtaken the town’s business. But one shouldn’t lose heart! Help the farmers save their lands and brighten up their lives. Grow the freshest vegetables, produce grains and meat to cook delicious meals and earn money. Invest in new facilities, improve your efficiency and receive well-deserved rewards and achievements. Only you can ginger up the farmers and make the valley prosperous again.



As you can predict from the title, Farm to Fork is another Time Management farming and food-making themed game... Read more

The plot is not too unusual: the bad Global Mart threatens your little poor farm and you should do all your best to face the enemy and don’t let the monopolist destroy your family business. So, turn up your sleeves and be ready to grow food, gather the harvest, breed animals and save the farm.

However, such well-warn plot doesn’t make Farm to Fork the game that isn’t worth your time.

The game has a beautiful colorful graphics, well-done and funny characters,  high-quality animations and realistic not annoying sound effects.

Do you still remember the famous Farm Frenzy series? So, this game reminds of that classic one. As it always has been, you have animals that give you some products, then you turn them in more valuable goods through the use of machines. And as always, you can upgrade these machines (or buy the new ones) and deliver your products to market to exchange them for money. There are two game modes: Expert mode is for hard-core gamers and Relaxed mode for those who don’t like fast-paced games.

However, this game has some new spins and features to refresh your experience with farming games. On every single level you get new upgrade or product to try, so you’re always encouraged to continue playing till the last 70-th level.

As the result, we have one of the best Farm games ever. With its well-done graphics, captivating gameplay, valuable sound and visual effects, Farm to Fork without any doubt can bring joy to every TM games fan!