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Fear for Sale: Phantom Tide Collector's Edition

Genre: Hidden Object

Paranormal journalist Emma Roberts is called in to help a grieving family being haunted by forces that can manipulate water, threatening to kick them out of their home. Emma will soon discover that ghosts aren't the only thing lurking around Greenville. There's something very suspicious about Julia White's death. Julia witnessed something at the hydro-electric plant – something someone would kill to keep a secret. Search the town, investigate suspects, and solve puzzles in Fear for Sale: Phantom Tide, a thrilling hidden-object puzzle adventure game!

Title - Fear for Sale: Phantom Tide Collector's Edition Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Don't pass by Fear for Sale: Phantom Tide Collector's Edition, a Hidden Object game given by EleFun Games. You are called in to help a grieving family being haunted by manipulative forces.
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Fear for Sale: Phantom Tide is a perfect game for all the true admirers of the genre. Fear For Sale from Elefun Games is a well known franchise and this time we get to deal with something new and unique. Phantom Tide won’t leave anyone indifferent. Let’s find out why... Read more

The game starts with a thrilling storyline. You play as Emma Roberts, who suddenly gets a call from someone named Adrian White who has some strong troubles with water at the place where he lives. So you arrive there and what you see completely shocks you – seems like there are some evil forces that manipulate the water. Also, turns out it somehow relates to the death of Adrian’s wife. You become the one who will reveal the truth and find answers to all the questions.

Despite the fact that the intro was captivating and promising , the story basically went nowhere after that. The game is very slow, there are no exciting events and unexpected twists to keep us entertained. The graphics and the visuals in this game are very good, but not as great as they were in the previous part. Images are clear with a right amount of saturation and brightness. Voice overs, soundtrack and audio side of this game are overall perfect like we couldn’t even ask for more.

Sadly the challenge factor in Phantom Tide is a little bit disappointing. Puzzles are easy and can be completed very quickly, but at least they are various and don’t seem boring. The Magical shell, the only unique thing in this installment, must be used to release and absorb the water. Yeah, there’s a lot of water around. Bonus chapter and bonus content are very satisfying. They offer us the achievements, collectibles and other nice additions.

After all we can say that this game had a lot of potential, but unfortunately didn’t surprise us much. You can still download it for free and play right away and who knows maybe it will find its place in your collection of top pc/mac games

11, June 2015


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