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Fear For Sale: Nightmare Cinema game

Fear For Sale: Nightmare Cinema

Genre: Hidden Object

Reveal the mystery of a gloomy theatre in the new gripping Hidden Object game under the title Fear For Sale: Nightmare Cinema. You must investigate the case connected with the disappearance of the audience. All the people went missing after having watched the film in this theatre. It’s up to you to find the missing audience of the theatre. Use all your wit to uncover all the secrets of the old theatre and try to escape it before the screen becomes dark. Download the engaging Hidden Object game Fear For Sale: Nightmare Cinema right now and totally for free.





“Let’s go to the movies!” How often do we hear this tempting suggestion? There is nothing like gather a company of friends and have a good time in the movie theater watching some sort of anticipating hit. EleFun Games decides to turn this joyful way of spending time into a horrible experience within their new game called Fear For Sale: Nightmare Cinema. This is the third part of a famous Fear For Sale series of games. Occupy the seats and let the movie magic amaze you in the following review... Read more

The plot of the Nightmare Cinema is interconnected with two previous chapters: The Mystery of McInroy Manor and Sunnyvale Story. Once again you are offered to follow the footsteps of one journalist assigned to a well-known Fear For Sale magazine. You were disturbed by a call in the middle of the night. The anxious voice of Lily Thompson was begging you to meet her near the old neglected cinema named The Gate. Reached the meeting point, she began to tell her story. It turned out that her beloved and your colleague Adam got into some trouble. A few weeks ago he accepted the invitation from The Gate’s movie opening night. In spite of Lily’s refusal to make him a company, he decided to go to this cinema. He never got back since that day. Several days ago Lily was sent an identical movie ticket as Adam’s. Seemed to be someone wanted to dispose of all possible witnesses. Then, utterly terrified young lady asked you to help find Adam and deliver both of them from death. You were the only capable person to solve this knotty issue. With these words Lily gave you that ticket and retreated hastily. Lily was right – previously cracked cases made you a good reputation, so, you did not have an option to make a false step now. It is notable that new Fear For Sale game lives in harmony with both Hidden Object and Adventure genres. No rivalry has been marked: they supplement each other instead. The hidden object scenes want you to interact with other objects to reveal the required item sometimes. Also, all HOS haters have an option to gather a jigsaw puzzles instead of annoying searching. These interesting features distinguish the Nightmare Cinema among the other games. Puzzles are not left behind, of course. It is hard to praise them, but the process of solving is quite enjoyable. They are different in many ways: difficulty, composition, methods of solution, etc. So, there is no disappointment at all. We have to note one important thing regarding the gameplay. It is adjustable. In other words, in addition to regular difficulty modes there is another one that is called Custom: this one allows gamer to adjust the settings the way he/she likes. If you are sick and tired of the annoying sparkles or wanting to get rid of a penalty, set it in the Custom mode! Undoubtedly, this is the biggest advantage of the game.

The graphics are great. No more, no less. The dark color box never wants you to have difficulties with hidden items locating. For its turn, the background melodies are masterly arranged and unique. Seems to be all aspects are well-developed excluding the voiceovers: whereas they suit in a perfect way, they are mistiming with moving lips of the characters.

Does it worth playing? Of course it does! Fear For Sale: Nightmare Cinema will grab your attention without taking into account whether you are moviegoer, gamer or someone else. This game is a perfect mixture of top rated casual genres that offers you to find out who or what hides inside the projection booth. To be honest, it is hard to refuse.