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Foreign Dreams game

Foreign Dreams

Genre: Hidden Object

Some terrible events experienced by Victor in his childhood do not let him live in peace. He has been suffering from nightmares for a very long time, until a young woman offers him to help. In Foreign Dreams the woman is going to enter into a world of gloomy and horrible dreams to save Victor from his sad memories. Delve deep into Victor's dreams and uncover the reason of his nightmares! Download Foreign Dreams totally free and get a lot of fun from this fascinating Hidden Object adventure gameplay!




Fixing one’s dreams is a strange trade, isn’t it? However, Turbo Games, the creator of a new seek-and-hide game Foreign Dreams, can easily put you in the shoes of a woman who is able to delve into someone’s dreams. .. Read more

As you can see Foreign Dreams is a hidden object adventure game that takes place in mystery and very gloomy world of dreams. The game has a very pure structure that is divided into thematic dreams that involves a number of hidden object scenes. Collecting items is not very hard job since graphics and objects themselves are pretty clear. If you still stuck, the hint system is quite generous. There are a good number of mini-games, the majority of which are fairly standard and well-familiar in the casual hidden object game world.

Unlike most modern hidden object titles Foreign Dreams doesn’t try to strike us with its plot or artwork, instead offering a traditional experience with secret and charm around every location. It has an average length of play, clocking in at four hours, of course, it depends on your searching skills. Sadly, because of the installment’s thin story many of these dreams feel a bit repetitive since they are made in the same style as the dreams before it, making the second part of the game literally boring.       

The dream world of this title is presented with the game’s fascinating graphics that make have use of gloomy, vague colors and very tiny objects. The animations look fine, diverting you from some annoying hidden object scenes.

There is great secret that Foreign Dreams is far from being an ideal game, but it tries to use some twists and does so in a charming way. You will be amused with its illustrations, occult atmosphere and the visual art to the very end!