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Adventure Trip: London

Visit 20 famous locations across the city and find fun facts as you puzzle your way through beautiful locations.

Redemption Cemetery: Dead Park

A message from a mysterious stranger calls you for help at an old amusement park!

Myths of the World: Under the Surface

You’re off to the Scottish Countryside! Your teacher is taking you on an exciting journey to investigate legends of an ancient creature living in the water.

The Unseen Fears: Stories Untold

You're off to Prague for a well-deserved vacation! But your fun is cut short when someone calls to you for help from inside a book of fairy tales!

Shadowplay: Harrowstead Mystery

You and your friends have been researching the mystery of Harrowstead for years, and you’ve run out of leads.

Chimeras: Wailing Waters

It’s only three days until Heavenfall Academy’s new camp opens, and you’re ready to be a counselor for the summer.

Spirit Legends: Solar Eclipse

Your fellow monster hunter has gone missing, and it's your duty to find him!

Summer Adventure 3

Mary's family has finally begun their next amazing summer adventure!

Ms. Holmes: The Monster of the Baskervilles

Nicknamed Ms. Holmes for your sharp wit and investigative prowess, you're England's favorite new detective!

Fatal Evidence: The Cursed Island

Your sister’s old mentor has been murdered, and you’ve been called to his remote island home to investigate!



Lost Lands: The Golden Curse

Expires in 26 Aug 2019


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