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This section is devoted to action and arcade games. In this genre everything depends on player's reaction speed and his ability to make fast tactical decisions. Games of this section include not only shooters, but adventure games, fighting games, racing games, platformers, arkanoids, diggers and many others. Some of these games have limited number of levels and the purpose is to make as many scores as possible. Others have infinite number and the player’s goal is to maximize the scores. Here you can download for free and play online the best samples of action and arcade games.
#1 Hit Game!
Free Download game for MacOS

Dive into the deepest caves of the kingdom to collect the rare plants to save the King's life!

Sally's Studio Collector's Edition game
Sally's Studio Collector's Edition
Ranch Rush 2 Collector's Edition

Use your time management skills and taste and help Sara decorate ranch!

Download game for Windows PC Download game for MacOS
Ranch Rush 2 Collector's Edition game
Ranch Rush 2 Collector's Edition
My Kingdom for the Princess 3

There are three handsome prince but only one princess. Who will the boy of her choice?

Download game for Windows PC Download game for MacOS
My Kingdom for the Princess 3 game
My Kingdom for the Princess 3
My Tribe

There's so much to do and all the time in the world to do it with My Tribe!

Download game for Windows PC Download game for MacOS
My Tribe game
My Tribe
Laruaville 2

Help the ghosts return the moon but beware, their world holds many mysteries.

Download game for Windows PC Download game for MacOS
Laruaville 2 game
Laruaville 2
Burger Bustle

Return a struggling restaurant to its former glory!

Download game for Windows PC Download game for MacOS
Burger Bustle game
Burger Bustle

Mystery Maze Of Balthasar Castle

Venture through the mysterious maze of forgotten dungeons.
Arcade & Action
7, September

My Farm

Plunge into the heart of rural life to become the most famous cyber-farmer!

The Inner World

Solve the mystery of the wind's disappearance and save the people of Asposia.
17, September

Pahelika: Revelations

Delve into a new Adventure game which is a long-awaited sequel of Pahelika series!
11, June

Iron Heart: Steam Tower

Use tactics to exploit your enemies' weaknesses and achieve victory.

Risen Dragons

Can you conquer the evil scourge and repair the once prosperous land?


Help Schrödinger complete his experiment by leading mice to the cheese.
Arcade & Action
12, December

Garfield's Wild Ride

Dive into this colorful cartoon world that everybody can enjoy.
Arcade & Action
26, November

Pirates of Black Cove: Sink 'Em All!

Show the world that you're the best pirate of them all!
Arcade & Action
24, October

Gods vs Humans

You'll need brains, a sense of humor and quick reflexes if you want to become a legend!
Arcade & Action
11, September


Premium Games
Dead Reckoning: Silvermoon Isle

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