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Playing strategy and simulation games is a very productive way to improve your reaction and thinking. They teach you to use your time efficiently and make fast decisions. Shooters, Racing games, air and sport simulations, everything is represented in this section. You can download or play online the most popular samples of this genre on our site. The wide range of military strategies that you can download for free will amaze you. Enjoy playing and have a good time!
#1 Hit Game!
Free Download game for MacOS

Guide the expert group of thrill-seekers, with a heart for helping people, to save victims and rebuild towns.

Life Quest® 2: Metropoville

Don't miss the chance to live your dream life in new unique game!

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Life Quest® 2: Metropoville game
Life Quest® 2: Metropoville
Jack Of All Tribes

Would you like to visit a Stone Age village? And what about staying there forever?

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Jack Of All Tribes game
Jack Of All Tribes
Green City: Go South

Bring out the engineer in yourself and build a green paradise!

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Green City: Go South game
Green City: Go South
Rescue Team 6

Guide the Rescue Team as they save people in distress and rebuild a devastated area.

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Rescue Team 6 game
Rescue Team 6
You're The Boss

Take the reins of a lowly warehouse office and work your way up the corporate ladder!

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You're The Boss game
You're The Boss
Kingdom Tales

Get brave and protect your territory from the dragons!

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Kingdom Tales game
Kingdom Tales

Gnumz 2: Arcane Power

Battle in the fiery halls of the Crucible and the dark and mysterious Shadow Frontier.

Maze Lord

Go through the stages of an obscure dungeon, win the dragon and free the princess.

Big Bang West 2

Perfect your town by enhancing infrastructure to attract new citizens and defend them.

Toy Defense 3: Fantasy

Immerse yourself in a medieval fantasy atmosphere in new Strategy game!

Iron Heart 2: Underground Army

The mechanical invaders are approaching the surface, and they're stronger than ever.

Defense of Greece

Build powerful tools, plan defense strategy, level up from rookie to general!


Let your creative side run riot, anything is possible!

Gnumz: Masters of Defense

Defeat the army of The Wicked King!

Iron Sea: Frontier Defenders

Defend the fort against the siege, build cannons, use secret weaponry and have faith in victory!

The Wall: Medieval Heroes

Defend your village, which is besieged by aggressive, jealous barbarians!


Premium Games
Web of Deceit: Deadly Sands

Expires in 1498287600