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Gems Quest game

Gems Quest

Genre: PuzzleMatch-3

Today it is very difficult to create an original match 3 game, but not for Sulus Games Company which offers you Gems Quest game. Each level of the game consists of a grid filled with colored balls, and your goal is to create matches of three or more balls of the same color to make them disappear from the game field. Sounds like usual gameplay? Well, try it and you won't be able to stop before all 60 levels of Gems Quest game are complete! Enjoy playing!




Gems Quest is a new match 3 game which was produced by Sulus Games Company. It offers you to complete 60 levels by creating groups of three identical gems or more. Once the game field is cleared from the gems the level is won. A great variety of power-ups will help you succeed in the game, but you should fill the status bar in order to obtain them... Read more

The first powerup is the Hammer, which you can use to break a single object and the gold tile beneath it. If you fill the status bar a second time without using the Hammer, you get the Bomb, which detonates everything within a 9x9 grid. Finally, you can earn the Color Bomb, which eliminates all of the objects of the same color on the grid. Some additional power-ups, like fire arrows or fire balls, appear randomly during the game and they can’t be controlled.

With its nice graphics, pleasant music and astonishing visual effects, Gems Quest seems like a good game to play, but there is one major drawback: the game is too short. This incredibly addictive match 3 gameplay cuts off just as it’s getting really challenging. If the game had 60 levels more, it would be a better deal.

It’s difficult to recommend the game to the pros, but Gems Quest undoubtedly is a perfect game to start your match 3 gaming experience.