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Cradle of Egypt game

Cradle of Egypt

Genre: PuzzleMatch-3

You have already explored Ancient Rome in Cradle of Rome and Persia in Cradle of Persia. Do you want to travel to Egypt this time? Awem Studio, the famous Match-3 games developers, are ready to introduce their latest project Cradle of Egypt. In the course of the gameplay you'll get a chance to travel through five epochs as you cope with each of a hundred game levels. Give your own interpretation of the establishment of the magnificent civilization. You'll be absorbed by the game due to its picturesque graphics among other things. It is not enough to say about Cradle of Egypt game. Therefore it's definitely worth trying.




Those match-3 games! So many times their addictive gameplay makes us forget about everything (problems, deals, work, time) and plunge into wonderful virtual world. Will Cradle of Egypt, a new match-3 installment from Awem, become as compelling as other games in the Cradle series?.. Read more

To start with, Cradle of Egypt doesn’t differ much from its previous titles; in fact it’s practically the same. The core gameplay remains unchanged, saving the main principles of this series. Same power-ups, same goals, similar layouts. However, there are few changed things: backgrounds and the items you swap.

Nevertheless, Awem still added lots of unique extras in the gameplay when multiples of the same resource are matched, when multiple combos are made, etc. The mini-games became more varied and offer different levels of difficulty. Moreover, there are bonus levels which you must unlock after you beat the core game.

Of course, the main issue of Cradle of Egypt is that it’s actually a blatant copy of Cradle of Rome. From gameplay right down to the graphics! It seems like they just took their old game and change all notes of Rome into Egypt ones. Still, the artwork is wonderful even maybe be better. There 5 different epochs of time that perfectly presented in high-quality graphics. 

But in spite of its close resemblance with early titles, you will surely find yourself sinking more than a few hours into this captivating match-3 game.