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The Path of Hercules game

The Path of Hercules

Start an unforgettable adventure in the new incredible Match 3 and Hidden object game The Path of Hercules. The young prince Phyleus inherited the Elidian Kingdom and wants to return its power and prosperity. With this engaging game you will have the opportunity to visit ancient Elis and be in the heart of many notable historical events. Solve all the tricky Match 3 puzzles and complete all the quests successfully. Moreover you have to regulate the relations with neighboring states and prevent any wars. Thus the magnificent Elidian Kingdom will stay prosperous and powerful.



Now and then appears a great game which not only is fun to play, but also requires some multitasking from its players. Games like this need you thinking about several things at the same time, and they also involve different modes of playing, various puzzles and other kinds of problems that are waiting to be solved. Now, an interesting game has appeared. It bears the title The Path of Hercules and it comes straight from the developing team under the name Playrix Entertainment, who really tried hard to make a good and fun game. So, if you are ready for an adventure that involves much thinking and Greek mythology, then join us in this incredible journey to an ancient time when every mystery was reality!.. Read more

In games like The Path of Hercules one of the most important things is its storyline. Fortunately for this game, the plot is incredibly interesting, and one of the best variations of mythology we have seen so far. The story goes something like this: You take the role of the young prince called Phyleus whose task is to restore former glory and success to his kingdom, which was lost when the gods of Pantheon rejected his people. In order to claim back the glory and power of his kingdom, the young prince must retrace the mythical path of Hercules and collect different treasures the Hercules left on his journey. Once he collects all of them, Phyleus will be able to lead his kingdom out of the misery and darkness, with a little help from the gods. This storyline is really good, and it features much of Hercules’ journey, so you will enjoy that also. If the storyline is what you like the most about games, then you can purchase the full version of this game which features unlimited play time and many other bonuses. IF the storyline is not your favorite part, you can still download the free trial version of the game and check it out.

Besides the great storyline, The Path of Hercules can be said to have a quite decent gameplay. Quintessentially, this is a mixture of different game genres: it is a mixture of hidden object games, match three games and puzzles. This is a unique mixture, as it promises a lot of fun and various tasks that need to be accomplished. So let’s start with the first genre: this game has several hidden object scenes, and they are neither good nor bad, in the sense that they do not offer anything new. They can also be challenging because they require a trained eye which will find the items. Also, you will be searching for pieces of items, not the whole items, so that is another thing which can be very difficult. However, the other part of this mixture is simply outstanding! Match 3 parts are very interesting, they are quick-paced, so there is a rush of adrenaline when you are matching gems and artifacts. The shape of the boards varies, so sometimes you will have a difficult task to accomplish, and sometimes some tiles will be locked, so that is another challenge to you!

Finally, graphics and music are also good! They are especially important in match 3 part, where they complete the whole experience, with sparkly and lightning effects and with interesting sound effects.  Other than that, animations are really good, they add some liveliness to the game which is otherwise very still.

All in all, The Path of Hercules is a very good and interesting match 3 game with elements of hidden object games. Its storyline and gameplay are the main attributes, but you will also be pleased with its graphics and music. You will certainly have fun if you play this game!