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Jewel Match 4 game

Jewel Match 4

Genre: PuzzleMatch-3

Voyage through a wondrous match-3 adventure as Luna, a recent graduate of the Magic University. Use your magical expertise to search Varanah for the missing wizard, Ludovic, across more than 50 sprawling levels! Enlist the help of wizards, sorceresses, leprechauns, and other mysterious characters on your journey.

Enjoy an all-new moving match-3 board with a choice of 5 unique game modes sure to fit any play style. Earn gold and purchase dozens of unique upgrades from the shop to help traverse the expansive levels. Take a break with over 30 hidden object and jigsaw scenes, plus bonus mah jong and sudoku minigames!




The fourth installment in the Jewel Match game series was released almost a year ago and seems like it was the last one, because we didn’t get anything new since that time. Produced and developed by talented guys from Suricate Software studio these free Match-3 games were always popular among the players and especially by the amateurs of the genre. Let’s take a look at the latest part Jewel Match 4 and discuss its excellent and weak aspects... Read more

As the game starts we meet Luna, the young girl who just graduated from the university of Magic. Luna has to search for the wizard Ludovic who went missing under the mysterious circumstances. What’s good about this part is its original storyline, plus it’s not tied to the previous games. Both the beginners and the fans of the series will love this sequel. Jewel Match 4 is one of the few match-3 pc/mac games that have actual storyline that progresses through the gameplay. By the way the gameplay is pretty much awesome. We get to experience new kinds of powerups and bonuses, five modes to choose from, various mini-games, challenging puzzles and even some hidden object scenes!

The visual side is just fantastic. Colorful artwork and bright locations pleasure the eye. We dare to say this sequel is better than all its predecessors, it looks more beautiful and cheery. Music is calm and relaxing, but unfortunately doesn’t offer us anything new and special.

Congratulations, you’re still reading this! Now grab some food and drinks, download Jewel Match 4 for free on the pc and play right away. You won’t get bored, this game is definitely one of a kind.