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Cradle of Rome 2 game

Cradle of Rome 2

Genre: PuzzleMatch-3

Roman civilization is one of the oldest and traces its roots back to the centuries. Imagine that you have been the founder of the legendary city of Rome in the newest Match-3 game Cradle of Rome 2. You can witness the historical course of the Roman Empire development or rewrite it yourself. Get down to the constructing of Rome by solving the complicated matching puzzles of the game. Download Cradle of Rome 2 for free and find yourself at the cradle of the great and powerful empire!



Welcome to Renaissance city in the new game titled Cradle of Rome 2 from Awem Studio! To be more exactly, this is the sequel to the renowned match-3 game Cradle of Rome. But do not cherish any hopes about this installment as the developer made very few to change the second title from the first one.  .. Read more

It seems the main developer’s goal was to create splendid graphics. Focusing mainly on the artwork, Awem Studio forgot change the gameplay. But we cannot say that the gameplay of Cradle of Rome 2 became less captivating or simple. It is still interesting and challenging but pretty familiar from the prior title. Basically, you should clear the field with the standard swap mode, earn enough gold, get a city building plan by playing primitive mini-games. Every jigsaw or swap-the-pieces puzzle can be easily skipped after a few second.

In spite of the gameplay is nothing to write home about, the magnificent backgrounds are a real highlight of this title. The vivid, colorful graphics are a true thing of beauty and exquisiteness. Sometimes you feel pity for these backgrounds that are covered up with the match-3 boards. In Cradle of Rome 2, the illustrations deserve to be in a game of their own where we could contemplate their beauty. The animated natures pieces are perfectly done and just add on game pleasant atmosphere. The music background, like in the first chapter, is nice. The tunes of Romanian harp and flute are lovely but too intrusive after 20 minutes of play. But the biggest drawback is that this wonderful game is timed. Those who are not able to move fast will be really disappointed to have so much pressure while there are so many fabulous scenes to stare at. Good gaming!