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Girls with Secrets

Genre: Hidden Object

Figure out who murdered the young girl in a peaceful town and catch the killer in new incredible and exciting Hidden Object game Girl with Secrets! Put on a detective hat and take this case. Help the police look for the clues, find the answers to the questions. As Amy's best friend you have to reveal the secrets and get to know the truth. Download Girl with Secrets, explore beautiful locations and solve the crime!

Title - Girls with Secrets Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Savor Girls with Secrets, a Hidden Object game released by IWin. Help a girl find the killer of her best friend!
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Are you ready for a brand new adventure with its setting being the world of teenagers, terribly upset by a mysterious murder? If you believe that you can replace the private investigator in this case, then get ready for this new Hidden Object game called Girls With Secrets which comes from a famous game developer named Iwin, which is famous for the game Jewel Quest and others. So, the interesting journey into the world of teenage mystery, very much alike to the famous TV series Pretty Little Liars, is about to begin! Read the rest of this review and find out how good this game is!.. Read more

The storyline resembles the one from the afore mentioned TV series, and it goes as follows: In a small and peaceful city, one event changes the atmosphere totally! Who would expect that the most popular girl in the class called Amy will become a victim of a vicious murderer? The police have no clue whatsoever about the murder and the killer, so it is up to you, Amy’s best friend, to discover who the evil killer is and revenge your friend’s death. So, the plot is quite original, and even though not much happens until the end of the game, it is still above average.

The next feature in this review is the gameplay in Girls With Secrets. The gameplay consists mainly of classic Hidden Object scenes and some mini-games and puzzles thrown in. Because of this, we can easily categorize Girls With Secrets as of Hidden Object/Puzzle/Adventure genre. The Hidden Object scenes in this single player game are based on text lists from which you search for the hidden objects. There are sometimes some objects written in red, and those objects must be found in order to proceed in the game. Mini-games are very easy, and all of them can already be found in other Hidden Object games, so they are not really original, but they are still fun to play. There some hints, and the game can be played in two modes of difficulty.

Another great feature of this game is its graphics! The graphic quality in Girls With Secrets is really great: the scenes look above average, they are clear and smooth, maybe a bit out-dated, but very bright colored and vivid, objects are easy to spot and they do not dissolve into the shades in the background. Character models are okay, they pop up several times. You can play this game either in full screen or in windowed mode. Unfortunately, there is only system cursor; you cannot choose the custom one. If you download this game, either the free trial version or the full version, you will find out that Girls With Secrets is a real visual treat.

As for the music and the sound effects, they are just average. Every chapter in the game has its theme, and those are nice pieces of music, but unfortunately, sometimes playing on loop might get on your nerves. There is no voice-over, which is disappointing. Sound effects can sometimes be boring, but you can turn them off in that case.

All in all, Girls With Secrets is a good game with a great potential, that was partly realised, but even that is enough to secure hours of fun and suspense in this chilling murder investigation. You can try it out in the free demo version, and if you like it, you can purchase the full version of this single player Hidden Object/Puzzle/Adventure game, and you will be satisfied, most certainly! Just try out this great game and find Amy’s killer!

19, October 2012


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