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Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride Collector's Edition game

Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride Collector's Edition

Genre: Hidden Object

Within the shadow of an ancient forest, on the bottom of the foggy valley, stands the lonely village of Ravenbrook. Its perimeter is protected by the villagers' charms, but beyond the legends and the magic, the gloomy forests and wailing wind, lies a chasm so deep and feared, it is known by the villagers only as The Abyss. No one knows what lies within, but when a strange visitor arrives in Ravenbrook just before a young bride is kidnapped, the villagers find justification for their superstitions…




Another famous game series Grim Legends comes up with an epic and intriguing free pc hidden object game to play. The Forsaken Bride takes us on an exciting journey where we experience something that will be hard to forget... Read more

As you may have guessed judging by the title – this is a wedding themed game, but unfortunately we don’t get to witness any ceremony or preparations for such epic event. Just right out of nowhere the terrifying bear shows up and kidnaps the bride. Why? What for? You become the one to help her sister and fiancée reveal the truth, rescue the bride and save the wedding.

When it comes to the quality games the creators from Artifex Mundi are the ones to create the most appealing free pc games. The graphics in Forsaken Bride are just epic: colorful and crisp scenes, clear locations, smooth and mesmerizing visual effects. Music totally fits the atmosphere of the game, soundtrack overall is very emotional and beyond awesome.

Gameplay here is not as breathtaking as visual and sound effects. It has a fast pace, storyline develops pretty quickly, but there’s no much challenge and advanced players may get bored. Anyway all the puzzles in this game are fun and entertaining, not very unique but okay to deal with.  When you get to the end of this game don’t hesitate and play 2 bonus chapter to make your experience with this game full and truly unforgettable.

So, the developers did a beautiful job and Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride deserves all 5 stars. Now if you have some free time and look for a decent quality pc/mac game to play, consider this one and you will not regret it. Good luck!