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GTR 2 FIA GT Racing Game game

GTR 2 FIA GT Racing Game

GTR 2 is a racing sim and a successful follower of the revolutionary GTR road racing game. Although the sequel was released back in 2006, it aged well. The game has a gMotor gaming engine that allows for realistic physics and graphics. The damaging system is quite detailed when it comes to hitting the wall or overheating the car's engine. The latter can be switched off in settings. Settings also allow you to adjust AI's racing style from timid to aggressive and even psychotic. There is a wide variety of realistic-looking GT and NGT vehicle classes including BMW and Lamborghini to name the least. Steam version of the game excludes Porsche and Ferrari but you can google for a workaround to make them available. You can customize your car and these changes can make difference on a track. There are several game modes including Novice, Semi-Pro, and Simulation. Novice players can practice their skills in one of 6 game events called Driving school. When you feel comfortable behind the wheel you can try out Time trials, 24 Hour Races, or Race Weekends. The game has adjustable day and night cycles and dynamic weather conditions. The modding community is strong and there are a lot of mods that enhance the game experience. GTR 2 is playable with a regular keyboard but it's whole another game when it's played using the Racing Wheel controller.

Tags: Racing, Automobile Sim, Simulation, Sports, Multiplayer, Driving, Singleplayer



Minimal system requirements

OS:Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/Seven

Processor:1.3 GHz Intel Pentium III or AMD

Memory:512 MB RAM

Graphics:DX8.1 comp. video card/64 MB


Hard Drive:3 GB HD space

Sound:DX8.1 comp. sound card