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Hallowed Legends: Samhain

Genre: Hidden Object

Plunge into the world of mystery being at famous Samhain festival! Why mystery? The point is that the festival visitors are missing regularly! If you are not afraid of being captured and even want to take part in this enigmatic story, play Hallowed Legends: Samhain immediately! But be watchful! If you enter the investigation of what is going on here, be ready to rise against the gods of the past. You can download Hallowed Legends: Samhain absolutely for free. Do it as soon as possible and become a part of the legend!

Title - Hallowed Legends: Samhain Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Immerse yourself in Hallowed Legends: Samhain, a Hidden Object game launched by Big Fish Games. Enter the legend and get to the bottom of things!

If you need help in solving a certain puzzle or finding a quest item, you can download for free our strategy guide for Hallowed Legends: Samhain. Get a detailed walkthrough on how to complete all levels without missing a single secret option of the game absolutelly for free!

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Working on its new hidden object game under the title Hallowed Legends: Samhain the developer Big Fish Games turned to a fascinating Celtic folklore to invent fairly thrilling storyline and spooky game atmosphere. As a result you are taken on a gloomy journey through dark and haunted places surrounding the English countryside... Read more

The story starts as any casual hidden object games do – a girl searching for her missing boyfriend. Frankly speaking, it all unfolds quite well though – bringing together elements of the intriguing Celtic legend along with challenging gameplay. The locations perfectly helps with the plot telling as the player dwells upon Ireland hunting for clues to clear up the mystery. Although the story is quite predictable, the adventure itself is full of twists and surprises, and visually pleasant.

Hallowed Legends: Samhain’s gameplay is not particularly difficult but good enough to keep an avid gamer’s interest. As for mini-games and puzzles, some are easy and old, and some are really unique. Still, some puzzles take away a lot of time to complete them, but not because they are very difficult but too annoying to solve. Hint system is generous but the hints are seldom used as the items are clearly displayed at the top of the screen. To make up for the lack of difficulty mode, the game is longer than most similar adventures. So, get ready to give it about 6 or 7 hours of your sweet time.

While Hallowed Legends: Samhain brings nothing new to the hidden object genre, it does the high quality of premise. A compelling Celtic-themed story, a good number of puzzles, and well-crafted scenes can easily pique anybody’s interest. If you are looking for a scary hidden object title, this game will prove itself worthy of “scary” notion. Sure, you must try it! 



Whispered Secrets: Cursed Wealth

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