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Hospital Haste game

Hospital Haste

Genre: Time Management

Who didn't play a doctor when he was a kid?! Why not recall that time and play Hospital Haste, a fast-paced game with mind-blowing graphics and fantastic upgrades! Meet an adorable nurse Sally and help her around the hospital! Sally needs your assistance with diagnosing and treating her demanding patients. You need to find an individual approach to each patient to make them pleased! Try to eliminate their complaints and send all the patients home safe and sound! Turn this out-of-date hospital into a modern one by filling it with the newest medical equipment! Download Hospital Haste for free and practice your Time Management skills!

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This game is also available for : iPad & iPhone




Hospital Haste is an absolute copy of a well-known time management title Hotel Dash. Exactly same gameplay but instead of ordinary hotel chores, you will deal with patients and pills. Everything is pretty much the same including upgrades and bonus points. If you are not a man of strict principles, you can give a try this fast-paced game from Big Fish Games... Read more

The medical theme is presented there quite good, skilfully approximated to reality. It has you walking around the hospital as a nurse, trying to care for all ill creatures. The gameplay is quick and casual and can easy grab your attention for two or more hours. Everything is done with a mere click of your mouse, so you basically play by just clicking there and here. The difficulty is there, it   becomes hard very quickly. It is a shame, but in the very beginning we had already faced lots of troubles and had to replay one and the same level several times.

Graphically, Hospital Haste midway, suitable enough for a casual game but not perfect. I’d say this is a nice addition for fans of the time management genre. The music is pleasant, but you can get sick of it after half an hour. Level by level the play seems too busy, that you hardly notice patients visiting your hospital. Borrowing the main idea of Dash series, the developers managed to create a good premise. Why should they create a wheel? Do you feel our sarcasm? But we cannot help it! It has recently become a tradition to follow by a well-beaten path. Of course, traditions are good but we are not sure that our players will appreciate this sort of tradition.