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Insider Tales: Vanished in Rome

Genre: Hidden Object

Embark on the exciting adventure in the world’s capital city – Rome! You will pursue the investigation of the missing couple. What could happen if somebody won lottery and didn’t claim any money? Search for the clues in the one of the most beautiful city of the world to understand this mysterious case. The Rome’s inspector - Francesca di Porta is ready to do everything that can help you. Uncover your Hidden Object talent, play numerous mini-games and enjoy the picturesque scenes of Italy’s capital city!

Title - Insider Tales: Vanished in Rome Game Download for PC Description - Learn about Insider Tales: Vanished in Rome, a Hidden Object game made by Intenium. Search for the clues in the one of the most beautiful city of the world to understand this mysterious case!
Insider Tales: Vanished in Rome game

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Insider Tales: Vanished in Rome is a successful combination of hidden object and puzzle games. This is the third installment of Insider Tales game series from Intenium, which plunges you into gorgeous atmosphere of Italy with unexpected twists and tricky tasks.  .. Read more

Without revealing too much, your main goal is to search for all clues and evidences in order to solve the mystery of the Vanished family. The game has you walking through numerous streets of Rome, winding alleys of the old city and ancient monuments like the famous Coliseum. According to the declared genre, you will have a regular word list of hidden objects or their silhouettes to find. Thanks to awesome graphics, all scenes are clear and make no trouble to spot one or another thing. To prettify this title the developers make scrollable scenes, so items to find can be located anywhere within the scene. Besides it is nice to move the scene back and forth, instead of just sliding over a flat picture.

Unfortunately, it cannot do without some short defects. The items have a tendency to return to the scene when a new task appears at the same scene. The hidden objects on the list are the same for each scene but the order in which they are listed is random. Some mini games do not have option to skip them because the item is needed for what you are collecting.  It is pity that the dialogues do not progress automatically so you will need to click on them every time to advance. Of course, when you see one and the same object more than once, you may feel boredom. But intriguing plot and magnificent illustrations save the game.

In spite of all shortcomings, Insider Tales: Vanished in Rome is an excellent issue for the whole family that stuffed with interesting storyline, challenging mini games, lovely graphics and nice music. Moreover, the installment has no timer and hints are unlimited but need time to refill it. So you are able to relax and contemplate its brilliant artwork as long as you wish!

28, December 2009



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