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Island Tribe 4 game

Island Tribe 4

Genre: Time Management

New Time Management adventure will wait for you in the forth part of the amazing game series Island Tribe! Meet your favorite islanders who after all bad luck and misfortunes are finally happy. Do you remember how they made friends with the evil shaman, then celebrated the wedding and a lot more? But happiness never last forever and our favorite character face troubles again. Help them to break the curse and save shaman, who turned out to be a pirate. Intriguing? Then wait for the release of Island Tribe 4 and get to know what happens next!




The life in the prehistoric tribes was very interesting, but much harder than nowadays, since they didn’t have all the equipment or machines to help them in everyday life. We often forgot that, but there is a game series that showed us what was like the life of tribes a long time ago. We are sure that you have been waiting for a long time for the next sequel of this game, and now it is finally here: Island Tribe 4! The developing team under the name of Realore Studios did a really good job once again, and you can read all about this Time Management game in this review!.. Read more

Even though it is a common misconception that there is no storyline in this genre of games, Island Tribe 4 proves this wrong - the plot in this game is very interesting! Your task in this new sequel of this great game is to save a previously evil shaman from an ancient and terrifying curse that has befallen him. But this curse is spread over several countries and continents: you will be visiting ancient Egypt, China, and even Scandinavia. It is a thrilling adventure, and it waits only for you!

As for the gameplay, which is the second feature of Island Tribe 4 which we will review, it is very solid and can compete with all other games on the market. This Time Management game is single player game which will have you do all the work that you can imagine a tribe would have to do. That is why this game is so special, it is a unique journey back through time! You will be building bridges, houses and homes etc. You will create a civilization! But for this, you will need a variety of resources such as wood, stone, grain and crystals… You may think that most of the levels are linear, but be sure that there are some levels where without the right strategy you just cannot win. There is another warning: this game is very realistic, so, when you run out of resources, you might fail the level! That is why you have to carefully plan it in advance! The gameplay has many options, like putting actions in queue, or cancelling some of them to save your time. Moreover, you can upgrade you buildings and enhance the performance, which will certainly be necessary as the game difficulty rises over the time!

Island Tribe 4 is maybe a game which belongs to a genre not so famous about the graphics and the music, but believe us, it is not the case with this game! The graphics are really nice, the textures are done in the cartoon style and they will be very comfortable to look at for everybody, but especially for kids. The music is lively, very fun and interesting, it sets a great atmosphere for the players and it creates a nice adventurous spirit!

To summarize, Island Tribe 4 is a single player Time Management game which takes us back through time to live the busy daily life of a tribe in the ancient times. What is more, its great storyline and immersive gameplay will make you enjoy for hours and hours. In the free trial version, you get one hour of free play, and if you become addicted to the game, you can download and purchase the full version of the game and play it unlimitedly right now! What adds more to the overall fun is the funny music and stunningly beautiful graphics! Enjoy this game, and don’t forget to tell your friends about it!