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Island Tribe

Genre: Time Management

Somewhere in the middle of the ocean there was a small island famous for its gorgeous landscapes and amiable inhabitants. In Island Tribe, the islanders enjoyed their quite life and contemplated an eternity, until one sunny day a huge volcano woke up. Glowing lava swept down blazing through everything in its path. The villagers had nothing to do but take their children and run! Can you help these people reach the boats before this lava covers the whole Island? Download Island Tribe absolutely for free and try this breathtaking time management game right now!

Title - Island Tribe Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Plunge into Island Tribe, a Time Management game generated by Realore Studios. Can you help people reach the boats before this lava covers the whole Island?
Island Tribe game




Island Tribe is a new time management game by Realore that has you helping a tribe survive a volcano eruption and plan the best route of escape. While this title seems quite similar to such time management installments as Roads of Roma and My Kingdom for the Princess, the core gameplay is still quite different... Read more

There you needn’t build any roads, but rather collect some ingredients and special items. The game actions take place in beautiful jungles, swamps, and mountains. As any time management title Island Tribe is timed but this fact shouldn’t bother you very much because the timer is extremely generous. However, the game is played in one breath. So these 30 levels feel too short, while the features would surely have been a good resource for more challenging scenes.

You will rarely get stuck with Island Tribe, which shows that Realore put a lot of efforts into creating really interesting levels and save players from disappointments. The great advantage of this title is its controls. You will never be bothered by wrong clicks, and what is more important, all actions in the games can be linked. This fact makes the gameplay even more entertaining and addictive.

Overall, this new time management title is without a doubt a nice addition to the genre. If you have nothing against short exciting games, this installment will keep you busy with intriguing and captivating levels. It will especially delight fans of this fast-paced genre, and the gorgeous artwork only make it more engaging. Hey, Realore! Keep up the good work!



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