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Jewel Legends: Magical Kingdom

Genre: PuzzleMatch-3

Rebuild a devastated land in Jewel Legends: Magical Kingdom! The people of the realm lived in contentment and prosperity until the army of the Black Sorcerer plundered their riches and burned what remained to the ground. The Black Sorcerer has since been defeated, but everything lies in ruins. Your task is to restore the kingdom to its former glory! Collect precious jewels by matching three or more at a time, build magnificent buildings, and save the kingdom from desolation!

Title - Jewel Legends: Magical Kingdom Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Relish Jewel Legends: Magical Kingdom, a Puzzle game originated by Big Fish Games. Construct the Magnificent Castle and be the Magical Kingdom’s savior!




When two developers come along and create a game it always something unique and unforgettable. One of the recent Match-3 games Jewel Legends: Magical Kingdom, released by Mind Elevator Games Cerasus Media is exactly this case. After the first installment in the series, Tree Of Life, we spent a lot of time waiting for a sequel, Atlantis, and now here is the third part already... Read more

Unfortunately, just like two its predecessors, Magical Kingdom doesn’t have a good storyline. As soon as you start playing you get your main task -rebuilding of the Magical Kingdom. There are no many main characters, actually there is one, ans she looks and sounds very cute and joyful. Graphics in this game have improved a lot and are overall charming, colorful and very quality. The developers did a wonderful job with locations and images of the kingdom, it gives a great sight. Soundtrack is a little bit disappointing, music is annoying but fortunately you can turn it off.

Gameplay consists of three different modes – Free play, tournament and adventure. Also you can pick between relaxed and timed mode. In general this game is alike any other Match-3 game, where you need to match the jewels of the same color and break all the background tiles in order to proceed to the next level. You need to collect coins and gather power ups as well. There was a moment where we found this game a little boring because it was just so straightforward. Gladly there are some mini-games with different tasks that are nothing but matching tiles, again.

All in all free match-3 game for pc Jewel Legends: Magical Kingdom is a good way to spend some free time. Play it anytime you need something to save yourself from boredom.



Whispered Secrets: Cursed Wealth

Expires in 1584860400

Living Legends: Bound by Wishes

Expires in 01 Jun 2020


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