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Frozen Kingdom game

Frozen Kingdom

Genre: PuzzleMatch-3

Playing Frozen Kingdom, you will join a young sorcerer in his resistance to the malicious wizard, who has turned the Fairy Land into a wintry and dark place! Fairy Land has always been a bright blooming kingdom, where the good reigns. But on the very outlying districts of the realm there is a gloomy and cold castle of the wizard. He hates laughter, sun and summer! Save your most favorite season together with the kind magician. Download Frozen Kingdom absolutely for free and bring summer back to the Fairy Land!




The screehshots of the new match-3 game Frozen Kingdom by DominiGames is bursting with colors.  They all looks fairly inviting and promising, so that player can easily yield the temptation to try this title. What about the challenge? A vivid cover is very important for a game but not the main point... Read more

The story touches upon a vile wizard putting an ice spell on the land, and therefore your aim is to release the spell. Don’t let this standard storyline fool you! In spite of this lame premise the plot unwinds well and surprisingly makes sense to this match-3 gameplay. The action itself is fine, flows smoothly and no frustrating feeling. Each board involves different challenges: one break the bricks, one collect special items, and direct particular items to other ones. Swapping, grouping, chaining and sliding are the main modes of play here. You are able to alter modes at any time during the play. Rotating game boards provides you with more matches.

Honestly, the gameplay is clear but there is a tutorial to show you what to do. Between each level there is a bonus level that let you get some helpful items or artifacts. You are allowed to skip these bonus levels but then you don’t get the artifacts which can be very useful during the whole play. We are really impressed by a variety of challenge in Frozen Kingdom. Unlike most match-3 installments, these boards get every time harder and harder: massive ice blocks, levels with limited clicks and many more.

Due to Frozen Kingdom’s stunning graphics and intriguing gameplay, it can be appreciated by many fans of match-3 genre. The music background and sound effects are not irritating and instead rather pleasant to listen to. The possibility to choose game modes (timed and untimed) also increases its rate among players. This title might be not to everybody’s taste, but we must admit that it is a good match-3 example, which surely worth playing.