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King's Legacy game

King's Legacy

Create you own medieval kingdom with a wonderful simulation game King's Legacy! Let's check is your mission to be the king! The fair king passed away and now you as a prince should take a throne and bring prosperity to the kingdom! Build your kingdom, protect your people from numerous enemies, gather resources and trade! You can even learn magic and different magical spells! Do your best in order to make your citizens happy with King's Legacy! Download the game absolutely for free right now and start to create your prosperous kingdom!



Have taking the well-known time management game Shaman Odyssey, Cateia Games changed its title, added some twists here and there and without the slightest twinge of conscience, released the new game King’s Legacy. Those who have already played Shaman Odyssey will see that the developers do not just borrow some elements, but the artwork and gameplay is practically the same... Read more

Unlike the related title, the scene of King’s Legacy is laid not on a tropical island but in a medieval village. To hide the obvious resemblance of two games, the developers changed the main character and made you playing as a prince who travels the countryside, helps people and restores his kingdom at a time across the levels. However, the main idea and gameplay will always give you a strong sense of déjà vu.

But let us try to forget this embarrassing position and focus on King’s Legacy itself. The medieval theme is well-thought and has a good graphical realization. According to the plot, you are to collect herbs that you should use to brew different potions that can help the villagers. The process of collecting herbs is ordinary but making spells is now a little more addictive. For example, this time you must not only mix flowers and mushrooms into a pot, firstly, you should crush or heat them up.

Although this “new” game contains some improvements but the interface is still awful. As the artwork is quite pleasant and you do not mind to see other parts of the scene, you are not able drag your mouse pointer. There is a reason to see this building game, if you have already been surfeited with Shaman Odyssey’s island theme. Good luck!