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League of Light: Silent Mountain Collector's Edition game

League of Light: Silent Mountain Collector's Edition

Genre: Hidden Object

When a fellow agent goes missing near the mountain town of Stoneville, you are sent by the League of Light to find her. But you quickly realize this is no ordinary town... Strange rock formations appear out of nowhere, and objects in your hands turn to stone before your very eyes! The village has been cut off from the world for years with no explanation. Why did the townspeople isolate themselves? What terrible secret were they hiding? You'll need to find out if you want to rescue your fellow agent and escape Stoneville alive in this exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!




Welcome to the new installment League of Light: Silent Mountain made by MariaGlorum. Here you get to solve another case – this time you go to the city of Stoneville and look for the missing agent. The moment you arrive there you realize the town was cursed, it’s cut from other cities by weird rocks and your goal is not only find the lost agent, but save the city and free its people as well. So, this pc game doesn’t seem to be very original, but it deserves attention anyway. Let’s find out why... Read more

Speaking of the storyline, we should say it’s predictable, weak, not really exciting and boring. You solve the crime, collect evidences, walk around locations, stop for multiple conversations with people and that’s pretty much all. Despite the lack of thrill and excitement, the game for pc surprises you with its visual and audio effects. Fairly enough, one of the best visuals in the entire industry. Colors are rich and bright, graphics are detailed. The quality is utterly epic and just stunning. Same goes with the soundtrack – melodies are pleasant to the ears, suitable, totally fit the storyline and mood of the game.

What to say about the gameplay? Well, it definitely keeps you busy through the whole game. There’s a lot of tasks, puzzles and mini-games to solve, locations to explore and more. Hidden object scenes are interactive, super entertaining, and the most important thing – they are unique and very interesting to deal with. In general this is a typical hidden object game for pc, it contains a great jump-map, customizable level of difficulty and a great option to pick between male or female voice-over. This is something we’ve never seen before anywhere.

Sadly the weak plot doesn’t let us give this game 5 stars, because the rest is just truly fabulous and we strongly recommend you download League of Light: Silent Mountain for pc/mac free and add it to your collection of the best games.