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Little Space Duo

Genre: Puzzle

Do you believe in friendship of the ordinary young girl and robot? You may find the answer on this question in new fantastic puzzle game Little Space Duo! Meet the heroes of this game young girl named Lucy and small robot, who were tied by strong friendship in the alien cargo ship! You should help our young heroes to find the way home downloading absolutely for free new fantastic puzzle game Little Space Duo! Use their special abilities and solve many challenging puzzles! Good luck!

Title - Little Space Duo Game Download for PC Description - Have a good time with Little Space Duo, a Puzzle game given by Jugilus. Help our young heroes to find the way home!
Little Space Duo game
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Have you complained of lacking challenging puzzles? Little Space Duo, anew game from developer Jugilus, has just come to surprise those who have been dreaming of a clever puzzle for a long time... Read more

To start with, Lucy, the main heroin of the game, was riding her bike, when she suddenly heard strange sounds in the forest and decides to clear up it. “Curiosity kills the cat” but Lucy forgot this wisdom and found herself on a board of an alien spaceship. So, your task is to help her avoid specimen research and back home. In spite of ordinary plot, we should admit that Little Space Duo is incredibly deep, with a lot of “WOW” moments, where all of a sudden tons of the real smart ideas are dumped on you at once. This is one of those games where you should make maximum use of your brain and thoroughly plan your each step.

While Little Space Duo’s gameplay is firm, the game itself suffers from being too challenging from the very first levels. There are about 40 levels, and even by level five you will have been already scratching your head furiously. This is not a game for the beginners and even the fans of this genre will be embarrassed. This is a case when there is no stigma to using a walkthrough.

Moreover, the controls for the game are a bit awkward, as it is rather hard always to remember how to switch back and forth between heroes. The tutorial is clear but the third level is very very hard to complete even with the help of walkthrough. This puzzle is extremely clever and can be too sophisticated for the average player but a real boon for die-hard fans of the genre. Give it a try, anyway!

17, June 2010


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