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Running Sheep: Tiny Worlds game

Running Sheep: Tiny Worlds

Guide the sheep all the way home in new incredible and unique game under the title Running Sheep: Tiny Worlds! Get ready to test your logic and attention skills with 250 challenging levels of this entertaining game. Your main task is simple, all you have to do is take care of the sheep lead it through the labyrinths! Amazing graphics, funny music and a lot more will grab your attention for hours. Play alone or with your friends and your family, enjoy this unique game! Download Running Sheep: Tiny Worlds right now and totally for free, you won't regret it!





Looking for a captivating new puzzle game? The little sheep are at your service! The long-awaited sequel to Running Sheep finally was released, and we are ready to share with you our first impressions!.. Read more

Thanks to the players, the lovely sheep have managed to escape an alien spaceship and return to earth, so the events of Running Sheep: Tiny Worlds unfold not in futuristic interiors, but on our home planet, in the forests, on city streets and inside the cozy warehouses. As it turns out, the modern world is no less a threat to sheep than the open space, and that’s up to you to help these little lumps of fur avoid the danger. In comparison with the previous part, the core gameplay has not been changed too much. Your task is to lead one or more sheep through the maze, pointing in what direction they should go, by placing corresponding arrows on the ground. The time allotted for passing each level is limited, and the farther you go, the stricter become these limits. In addition, your task is complicated by all sorts of obstacles, including teleporters, pits, predators and other unpleasant things. You know, it’s quite difficult to concentrate on collecting coins when your enemies prowl around you. The amount of arrows you have in your possession is also limited, and the sheep never stop running and jumping, so in later levels you will have to demonstrate not only your brilliant logic, but also the lightning reaction,  moving the arrows from place to place before your sheep fell into the abyss.

The graphics in Running Sheep: Tiny Worlds is rather primitive, but still nice. Most backgrounds are quite pleasing to the eye, the colors are bright and juicy, and the adorable sheep briskly jumping around the screen are charming with their incredibly cute appearance and funny voice acting. Music is quite cheerful and, oddly enough, not very annoying. Sound effects are also good, but a bit peculiar. For example, when a wolf catches your lamb, it makes such a funny sound that you simply can’t take this drama to heart.

Of course, as well as any other game, Running Sheep: Tiny Worlds has some drawbacks. First, there is no language. Instead of the words there are some weird symbols, and it takes some time to understand what they mean and figure out the rules. Second, if you do not really enjoy educational games and complicated logic problems, Running Sheep: Tiny Worlds may seem to you somewhat repetitive, as its core gameplay doesn’t change as you progress through the game. There is only one level of difficulty, though the game begins easy and grows harder. And, finally, the controls have been changed in comparison with the first part. Now, all the actions, including placement, rotation and demolition of the arrows, are performed by left-clicking on a level cell. If you are accustomed to the old controls, this innovation may seem to you not very convenient, though, in my opinion, it is not so hard to get used to.

All in all, Running Sheep: Tiny Worlds definitely deserves your attention. This is one of those games, that are almost impossible to pass in one breath, but still pretty fun and highly replayable. In a word, if you really love challenging puzzles, Running Sheep: Tiny Worlds is just what you need! Enjoy the game!