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Push The Box game

Push The Box

Help the cute little pig Oink-oink to rescue his best friend from the clutches of Big Bad Wolf in the new incredibly stimulating Puzzle game Push the Box. Everybody read this well-known story about the Three Little Pigs in the childhood days. The Big Bad Wolf is always inventing the new ways of how to do the harm to the little pigs. Help Oink-oink’s friends to escape from the wolf by solving all the challenging puzzles. With this funny game and its stunning graphics you will never get bored. Download the amazing Puzzle game Push the Box right now and totally for free.




Everybody knows the fairy tale about three little pigs. It is a classic folktale with a strong moral perfectly suitable for kids. There are numerous retells, remakes and adaptations have been produced since the first appearance of this tale. This tale had brought a huge influence on multimedia. There are many cartoons, various stagings and parodies of all kinds. The world of games is included as well. Today we are going to talk about a captivating interpretation of The Three Little Pigs made by Maximize Games. Push the Box is the name of a new challenging Puzzle game. How does the pig can be connected with the boxes? Believe, some interpretations are able to work wonders... Read more

Three little pigs have enjoyed their life until the Big Bad Wolf came and took two of them. The left one is our main character Oink Oink. He is the last hope of captured cousins to see the sun again.  Oink Oink is ready to rescue them and teach a lesson to offender under your careful assistance. The wolf considers Oink Oink is not up to it! He underestimates this piglet. Oink Oink is brave enough to visit a den. As you can see, the classic characters are playing the customary roles. However, some modern twists are added. There is no death proof building to hide from wolf. Instead of that, you will have to deal with the huge storage filled by traps of all kinds. Obviously, wolf is the owner of this magic place. The hostages are holding inside. Do you want to play a game? Of course, we are! Although there are no matches to the popular movie franchise named Saw, some traps are able to impress the makers of these survival horror blockbusters. You should avoid flames, spikes that emerge from the floor, heavy metal boxes and many other surprises. From the other hand, Oink Oink is equipped by night vision device and ready to accept the challenge! The work of Maximize Games borrows some key elements from such genre as sokoban. It means you must figure out how exactly you should move the box in order to save your comrades. Remember, you can only push it forward! So, make sure the move is right and it won’t block your exit from the current level. The difficulty increases according to your progress. After a while, you will face the wolves (it is hard to say whether they are clones of a main villain or just the sidekicks). If the wolf would have a glimpse of a tresspasser, he will chase Oink Oink until the end. So, you need to go through the wolves stages by stealth.

There is just one disadvantage and it concerns the soundtrack. Unfortunately, it is repetitive. The same music is playing through all the levels. It is quite annoying. On the contrary, the big advantage is the graphics. Everything is designed properly. On the other hand, the idea of similarity between green pigs from Angry Birds and Oink Oink & Bros. must not be disregarded. We are not going to blame the Maximize Games. Let us consider the green pigs to be a new trend. It sounds better than rip-off.

In a summary, we can say the game is quite innovative! Despite Push the Box is based on the classic folktale, some present-day realities are added. Here is the surprising fact: the decision to add some modern twists is a great idea! The developers have managed with the creation of a brand-new version that is actually based on the classic one. Another thing deals with the genres mixing. It could be another boring crossover. However, Push the Box has borrowed the best from the genres and combine it in a perfect way! We suggest playing at Push the Box! Make this story end happily!