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The Microbie Story game

The Microbie Story

Playing The Microbie Story, you'll find yourself in a scientific laboratory. O, Gosh! Somebody has left open a capsule with an unsafe virus Barbadoom! The virus has permeated all over the premise and infected all the healthy bacteria! Only Gloria has managed to escape the infection. Help the courageous Gloria to save the lab where she lives and to become a tiny hero! This Brain-Teaser will absorb you for hours, making you tense your wit and logic. Download The Microbie Story absolutely for free and don't let the dangerous virus Barbadoom occupy your house!




Yes, the microbes are not often computer games protagonists! But this is what provokes interest in The Microbie Story by HeroCraft It represents a new view at Brain-teasers and proves, that they can be funny as well... Read more

Somebody could think that such a storyline and the external design are appropriate for the children only. But having started playing the game, you realize that The Microbie Story can baffle even the most experienced adults, especially if you play in the Hard Mode. It turns out, that it’s not so easy to be a “good” bacterium destroying the “bad” ones. As for the child’s audience, The Microbie Story can be a good training simulator for their wit and logic. But little players are recommended to start with the easiest mode. Every new level grows more and more complicated, and you see that it’s not the monotonous game which doesn’t vary in the course of the gameplay.

The Microbie Story is the case with the games, which are the paradoxical combination of the very challenging gameplay and very childish graphics. It’s not so primitive though, but it looks too cartoonish. Nevertheless, such an approach to the artwork does not only spoil the impression, but helps to relax and to smile, while ever growing complexity teases your brain.

The Microbie Story seems to be an “average” game only at first sight. You will never regret spending time for it, if you show preference to the games which are really not for doing nothing but for combining business with pleasure, namely training your cerebration by means of a computer game.

Minimal system requirements

OS: Windows XP/Vista

CPU: 1.2 GHz

RAM: 512 MB

DirectX: 7.0

Hard Drive: 31 MB