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Lost Chronicles: Fall of Caesar game

Lost Chronicles: Fall of Caesar

Genre: Hidden Object

Vast Studios have prepared another incredibly addicting and picturesque Hidden Object game of Lost Chronicles series. You'll be quite amazed by the colorful and lively locations of Southern Italy, the Island of Crete and Greece as you explore the game scenes of Lost Chronicles: Fall of Caesar. The most significant figures of history are waiting for you in order to involve you into this complicated and captivating investigation of Caesar's death. Get to know, what has emboldened Marcus Brutus, Caesar's close friend and protégé, join the group of Senators and kill Julius Caesar. If you want to play not only entertaining but educational game, Lost Chronicles: Fall of Caesar is a brilliant example of such one!



There is no need to make a mystery of the fact that Gaius Julius Caesar was the most outstanding Roman general in history. Thanks to his achievements and contributions, he has become the main character of many legends, storylines. Caesar is the leading character of many high-budget movies and computer games as well.      .. Read more

It seems our interest in Caesar’s life and nature will never goes off. So, Vast Studios’ game project Lost Chronicles: Fall of Caesar is the freshest note on this illustrious general. If you are fond of history, this title is right up your alley. The graphics are crisp and reasonable and the hidden objects are not too difficult to figure out, although they are still slightly harder when they have grey and muddy color. Fortunately, you can always use a hint which recharges at 40 seconds. The mini-games are easy sometimes even plain but all of them come with a skip button. If you are inexperienced player, this sort of tasks may be quite good for you.

While the artwork is gorgeous, the gameplay itself is slow, especially if you like to talk to all characters, you will meet. The characters that you encounter are very different, but they always keep the same expression the whole time. In fact, we would have nothing against these long and numerous in-game dialogues, if the voice-overs were more professional and the sounds more amiable.

Putting all and all together, we like the plot very much but we are really disappointed with Lost Chronicles: Fall of Caesar’s last scene that is rather vague and uncompleted. Absence of instructions and unimaginative puzzles may frighten off some fans of hidden object genre. But if you are interested in ancient history, you will appreciate the environment of Ancient Rome. Have fun!