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Love & Death: Bitten

Our literature is abundant in stories of forbidden love between human girls and sexy vampire boys. This quite popular storyline steals in casual game world as well. So Love & Death: Bitten, a hidden object adventure made by PlayFirst, dwells upon a beautiful romance between Damon and Victoria. The scene is laid in a 19th-century English village that is badly terrorized by the vampire named Damon. But his devilish nature is cracked by Victoria’s charm. Although their sympathy is mutual, this love affair cannot be approved. Damon is being sent by a cruel witch to this village to grab pure souls to feast on. Nevertheless, Victoria believes that there is a way to cure Damon’s soul and free him from the devilment. The developers give the players to try Love and Death: Bitten from both characters' points of view. There is a classical adventure gameplay that has you collecting different inventory items and using them to solve tricky puzzles. It offers you customary hidden objects sections and shop lists of things to search, several items which will be necessary in handy later on. The title involves different scenes that players can freely surf. Assuming a role of Damon you will have to find enough blood from various sources (calm down, nothing graphic!) to give him power to open a door, for example. Playing as Victoria you will be also charged to pick up necessary ingredients then mixing them in the proper way. Still, there are not only classical hidden object tasks, but quite reformed ones.

Title - Love & Death: Bitten Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Take a break with Love & Death: Bitten, a Holiday Games game originated by PlayFirst. Help the main heros recover their love in new hidden object game!
Love & Death: Bitten game

If you need help in solving a certain puzzle or finding a quest item, you can download for free our strategy guide for Love & Death: Bitten. Get a detailed walkthrough on how to complete all levels without missing a single secret option of the game absolutelly for free!

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If you have already despaired to find somehow enjoyable hidden object game, we hurry up to soothe your soul. Not long ago PlayFirst has presented us its all-new premise under the title Love & Death: Bitten. Judging by the title, a sugary romance storyline is guaranteed for you. Still, we are not of those who believe bright cover and prefer to trust our own eyes... Read more

The more you progress this game the more you will realize that the plot is wretched a little bit. It is based on a classical tale of a forbidden love between evil but handsome vampire and charming country girl. Will love or death win? The answer is clear, we suppose. However, this title makes you solve piles of intriguing puzzles and challenging mini-games. Love & Death: Bitten obviously defines your goals but doesn’t give away too many details on how you are to accomplish them. Although some players may find themselves bewildered more than once, the half-word style of narration stimulates your brain in pleasing ways. Surely, if you are petty stumped with one or another task, you are easily able to use quickly rechargeable hints.

The opportunity to play as two different characters is a real spin on a gameplay. Actually, it is a nice way to navigate the game that adds on the fun element greatly. It is nice to know that one character can help you, while you are playing as the other. Love & Death: Bitten can burst with pride upon its gorgeous and stunning graphics and entertaining puzzle scenes. Nevertheless, we are disappointed with the ending as we were hoping for something really incredible. Well, and the story is not terribly fresh…but when it is so brilliantly drawn and looks so polished, it becomes a minor issue.

All in all, this game will be a significant addition to any hidden object adventure library and will give a several hours of captivating gameplay. Thumbs up for PlayFirst!



Whispered Secrets: Cursed Wealth

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