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Magic Ball 4 (Smash Frenzy 4) game

Magic Ball 4 (Smash Frenzy 4)

In this arkanoid-style game you have to save our planet from the aliens! Millions of people have already been kidnapped by those evil creatures from another dimension! Now your task is to bring humans back by touching them with the Magic Ball of Relativity. You can be the hero to save the world. Lots of bonuses and powerups will help you to complete this serious mission.




We would like to introduce to you the latest version of a classic arkanoid Magic Ball 4. As the first three games of these series, Magic Ball 4 was produced by Alawar Dream Dale. With the help of the ball and the paddle you have to break apart various 3-D scenes... Read more

Unlike many other ball-breaking games this one actually has a story behind the gameplay. Evil aliens from another dimension have invaded the Earth and only you can save the world now.

Games of this genre all have similar gameplay: move a paddle from left to right and keep a ball from falling on the ground. As usual, Magic ball 4 offers lots of bonuses and powerups. Some of them effect your ball and paddle positively, and some of them not. Also there are up to 10 diamonds per level you can collect to win one of three trophies.

Dream Dale has a good tradition of making such games as Magic Ball, so from the technical point of view this game is almost perfect. The finest 3D graphics and smooth animations can’t be unnoticed. One thing we didn’t like was the option of rotating 3D screen by pressing the right mouse button. Really, there is no practical reason for this option and it only irritates the player when he rotates it by accident.

This game is funny and can be played by gamers of any age. But don’t expect much from Magic Ball 4 if you played previous versions, cause in general they are all the same.