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Munchies' Lunch

Genre: Puzzle

Mrs. Munchie is a real wife and mother! She is ready to struggle against the malicious and ugly Hungries capturing the family's nearest forest! Play Munchies' Lunch, our newest Puzzle, and help the Munchies to avoid their extremely hungry neighbors and to get fruit for lunch. In the course of the gameplay you are to solve numerous baffling conundrums, which will absorb you for hours! Download Munchies' Lunch absolutely for free just now, if you want to spend great gaming time in company of the funny and friendly family!

Title - Munchies' Lunch Game Download for PC Description - Plunge into Munchies' Lunch, a Puzzle game presented by Footloose Games. Help the Munchies have their lunch and don't let the Hungries take it away!

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What does delight is that some other games appear on the market besides Hidden Object or Time Management, which really mushroom out today! How do you like the idea of trying a fresh Puzzle? Footloose Games have submitted Munchies’ Lunch to your judgement... Read more

Colorful and amusing, it seems to be very simple only at first sight. The game is based on the mother figure who struggles with the hungry monsters and defends her family. The storyline is a bit absurd though and is appropriate for a kid’s cartoon, the game puzzles are very complicated at times, and a child would hardly carry through them. Well, a family lives in a forest which is assaulted by Hungries. Sounds too childish, right? But in terms of the gameplay quality and complexity, we can wink at the faults of the plot. Challenging nature of the game conundrums and a hundred levels come to the forefront and are the strongest side of the game.

The gameplay of Munchies’ Lunch takes place in four themed locations. Solid and attractive level design diverts attention from the general backgrounds which are a bit cartoonish or rustic as well. The family characters should be particularly mentioned. The very absurd is that they are not people-like, but just moving heads! There is a discord between the gameplay and the graphics quality. On the other hand, if the developers aimed to create a funny, cartoon-like game with quite a baffling gameplay, they succeeded.

At all events, Munchies’ Lunch is worth playing, if you really can prize a high-quality game of Puzzle category. And its cartoonish graphics will only be the element to keep up your spirits and to make you smile.

27, June 2011



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