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My Kingdom for the Princess IV game

My Kingdom for the Princess IV

Genre: Time Management

My Kingdom for the Princess IV is the long awaited sequel to your favorite time management game! A great gift for the entire family! The King has appointed Prince Arthur as chief of the Royal Service for Rescuing Lost Princesses. The service is in great demand as any princess must be kidnapped by a dragon, bewitched by an evil sorcerer and rescued by a handsome prince at least once in her life. To deal with all of the quests, Arthur will need his courage, ingenuity and most importantly, your help!




My Kingdom for The Princess is one of the best time Management franchises in the world of free casual games for pc. First three parts were super lovely and fun to play, we loved the comic-book style, entertaining storyline and pretty characters. But the latest sequel kind of disappointed us… Seems like Nevosoft Studio didn’t bother much while making it and released this free game for the sake of release... Read more

In general, the fourth installment is a little bit different from all previous ones. We can see how the developers tried to improve the gameplay, but unfortunately failed because it didn’t turn impressive anyway. The only thing that got better is visuals. Graphics became clear, more colorful and sort of cuter. Animations are done very well and scenery is just fantastic. Charming and relaxing music absolutely fits the storyline, the mood and whole atmosphere of the game. Voiceovers are also great.

The storyline itself is nothing memorable and remarkable either. You play as a Prince Arthur who serves the King and saves innocent princesses from the evil madman and its Dragon. Despite several innovative features the gameplay remains the same, and unfortunately it’s full of frustrating things like, too much clicking, annoying characters, critters and more. As for the actual tasks you have to do, they are entertaining but the level of challenge is quite easy, way easier than in previous games of the series. Plus they are not listed on the screen like usually.

All in all we’ve got a very frustrating game for computers that has nothing impressive except its attractive visuals. We would love to see the real progress of the My Kingdom For the Princess franchise, so perhaps the next installment will be a lot better. If there will be one though.